Greatest cliches of ‘Fast Money’

The hits just keep on comin'. We finally took stock of the enormous number of cliches heard every day on CNBC's "Fast Money" in our review of the Friday, June 20, 2008, show. Space and time don't allow for cliche recaps every evening, so we'll continue to chronicle the newcomers on this page. We're getting new entries every day, largely thanks to the traders themselves.

Here they are, in ascending order:

"The only live money show on Broadway" (quote now defunct)

"Don't try to pick a bottom; you'll get a handful of something"

"Absolutely phenomenal"

"K-Fine in '09"

"We're not short-term investors; we focus on the long term"

"We're always hedged"

"Miners, refiners, early bird diners"

"Nothing to see here, move along"

"Buy the dips, sell the rips"

"The trend is your friend"

"You know, the stuff that if you drop it on your foot, it hurts"

"That's the 'Fast Money' stock of the year, isn't it?"

"They had an unannounced 2-for-1 stock split"

"It was bad, it was terrible, we could go on and on all day"

"Talk to ya sooner rather than later"

"Hope is not a strategy"

"I've been doing this for 35 years"

"You can get long, but buy some protection in the form of puts"

"Any day the market's open is a good day to sell airlines"

"Wait for the pullback"

"Take some off the table"

"This trade sets itself up easy"

"Specialty retail in the long run is going to zero"

"It's had a parabolic move"

"Hess is directly tethered to the price of oil"

"You can't trade the market you want; you have to trade the market you've got"

"The Four Horsemen"

"Don't fight the tape"

"Stock's been on fire"

"Google's a company with one killer app"


"I like the integrateds here"

"As soon as a retailer starts blaming the weather, you know there's trouble"

"These stocks have been taken out to the woodshed"

"Does being long gold mean you're short America?"

"In the end the sun's gonna burn out and we're all dead"

"Friend of the show"

"You can make markets jump, you can't make them fly"

"You can do whatever you want as long as you have an exit strategy"

"Barron's had an article over the weekend"

"There are charts all over the bottom of the sea"

"This is the deep end of the trading pool"

Finally, our favorite cliche on "Fast Money" ... we look forward to many more utterances:

"Don't try to be a hero"

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