Ben Carson, 64: Armed Jews
would’ve ‘diminished’ Holocaust

"The likelihood of Hitler being able to accomplish his goals would have been greatly diminished if the people had been armed"

David Cassidy, 65, worn out from 3½ hours with lawyers, bankers

Paper: "Bringing to a close the extended saga that has been grist for the tabloids in recent months: his divorce from his wife of 28 years; bankruptcy woes; foreclosure; and the divvying up of assets, including their lavish Fort Lauderdale, Fla., manse"
24-hour interview delay: "I've had WAAAY too much going on, and my day got away from me"

916,000 watch Jay on CNBC

But 25-54 demo weak, slips 2% from "Shark Tank" repeat week earlier

James Gorman, 57: Fed should’ve hiked in March

"The Fed has kept rates too low too long"

Cubs-Pirates game sets wild-card ratings record

Biggest MLB audience since 2011 NLCS

Troy Polamalu, 34, named to Polynesian Football Hall of Fame

8-time Pro Bowler; 2-time Super Bowl champion

Drunk Aspen wedding shuttle driver, 55, gets 6 months

Speeding, weaving, swerving, driving off the road, slurring speech

Quick-thinking cops use cat to bring man off ledge

"Never underestimate the power of the love between people and their pets. I think it was great to think outside the box like the officers did. It made enough of an impact on this person to bring him down and come to his senses"
Ending: "Even as the man was handcuffed and taken to a police car, officers brought the cat to him so he could see his beloved feline before going to jail"

Intoxicated woman, 21, mistakenly attacks Snapchat user

"Believed the victim was photographing her"

Wealthy Chinese can buy in-home IMAX for $400,000

"The same day that a Bond film comes out you can see it in your home"

Gross, 71: Pimco executives ‘hatched a plan’ to get his bonus

Suit: "El-Erian was 'angry and apprehensive at the idea that he would have to bear sole responsibility (and blame) for the high-risk, high-fee investments he had expanded Pimco into,' and he abruptly announced his resignation … another Pimco money manager, Andrew Balls, subsequently made several phone calls to newspapers on behalf of El-Erian, leaking information in an effort to harm Gross"
Pimco: "This lawsuit has no merit"

Kimbal Musk, 43, brother of Elon, doesn’t regret cooking career

The brothers "get along better every day"

CNBC names Michael Santoli senior markets commentator

"Expected to create content for"

Laurene Jobs, 51, tried to kill movie

"She reached out; she had a strong desire not to have the movie made. But we said, 'We're going to move forward.' My understanding is, she did call one or two of the actors"
CNBCfix comment: Juicy, yes, but much of this comes from stolen emails
Rogen: "There was a moment where I had to think: 'If every email you've ever written came out now, what would people find and what would people think?'"
Sorkin: "They created a dumping ground for all this material and alerted the press every time there was a dump there. And like dogs to vomit, the press would go there and do their bidding for them. [The press was] running the last leg of a marathon for — and I say this without hyperbole or exaggeration — honest-to-God terrorists"

CNBC’s Sara Eisen wins website’s NFL Survivor pool

"The Niners are a catastrophe, probably the most dysfunctional offense in the league. The only thing that surprised me this week was the Packers scoring fewer than 20 points. Aaron Rodgers wins that game 100 times out of 100"

Rupert Murdoch, 84, says Carson would be ‘real black president’

"What about a real black President who can properly address the racial divide? And much else"

Drop in the bucket: SEC fines Blackstone $39 mil.

"Failed to fully inform investors about benefits that the advisers obtained from accelerated monitoring fees and discounts on legal fees"

‘Family Feud’ is the sleaziest show on television

"Name the first part of a woman you touch to get her in the mood"

‘Too high’ man, 22, calls 911, found in Doritos pile

"Could not feel his hands"

Marcus Lemonis, 41: ‘Greatest fear in life is dying alone’

"As someone with few friends, he considers business deals his way of forming relationships. (He compares doing a business deal to going out for margaritas with friends. For him they share the same pleasure space.)"
Impressive: "You can ask me anything" ... "Call me anytime"
"The Profit" supporter: "He's amazing to work for and amazing to know. He's brilliant"
"The Profit" detractor: "He's an arrogant, self-centered egomaniac narcissist"
CNBCfix editor's note: This article is a month old but was just discovered

Uh-oh — someone at CNBC forgot to type the main info here

They should come up with a better strategy for dummy text

Report: Sumner Redstone, 92, took mental competency tests


Article on NFL’s L.A. interest way too long, minimal news

Ending: "Deals get done when there are deadlines. We'll see where it goes"

Steve Jobs’ daughter, 37, skips screening, parties with cast

Tavern on the Green

Mommy blogger writes exasperating column for WaPost

"The current lingua franca of parenthood is a rueful sigh, a sotto voce expletive and a desperate grab for a strong drink. My Facebook feed is a stream of reposted studies claiming that having a child is more stressful than divorce, unemployment or even the death of a loved one ..."

Woman, 27, runs from cops, hides in port-a-potty

Construction worker surprised to see her inside

N.Y. inmates defeat Harvard debate team

"There are few teams we are prouder of having lost a debate to"

CNBC’s ‘Halftime Report’ airs footage from ‘Road House’

"It's cable; it's not science"

Celebs back Jay Leno’s, 65, CNBC show with assurances

"We say, 'We're not gonna talk about show business or your career, we're just going to talk about cars'"
Late night: Sees "mean streak" in Jimmy Kimmel's comedy
Trivia: Francis Coppola given middle name of father's company
Skipped Letterman invite: "I asked Dave to do a 10-second tape for us [when I left]. Anything, just, 'Leno who?' They said no, they didn't want to do it. Well, why am I going to run all the way to New York? I mean, quid pro quo. I just said, 'No, that's kind of silly'"

Detroit robbed; refs blow end-zone call in Seattle win

"They’ve got to do something. They've got to change the protocol or something. You can't let that happen and then do nothing"

Chicago Cubs TV ratings soar whopping 122%

Cross town: "The White Sox were the lowest-rated team in baseball ... 29% decrease"
Kansas City: Royal-watching highest in history

Brian Belski: Stage set for ‘surprising’ stock rally

"People are playing defense ... acting more like what was instead of what is"

For cybersecurity, bank switching to ‘.bank’ domain

Paper: "Measures include strict registration and verification requirements designed to thwart counterfeit impostor sites ... making it more difficult for criminals to create spoofed emails from a bank's website"

Calif. city orders restaurants to use paper plates

"You might be able to cut a filet mignon with a plastic knife, but you are not going to cut a New York. The expense is going to be horrendous, I would expect. So that's going to be a major impact. It seems to me there are other ways to save water"

Texas gov, 57: Cowboys defense more ‘porous’ than the border

Late loss to the Saints

Greg Gumbel, 69, jokes about suicide during Bears game

"something tells me that greg gumbel saying 'excuse me while i shoot myself' on the air isn't going to sit well with the nfl/cbs"

Grateful Dead members giving away 10,000 tickets

"We're about halfway in and rehearsals are going well, if I may say"

Fan collapses in restroom, dies after Bengals-Chiefs game

Pre-existing medical condition

Artist, 54, is first to die in 7 years of charity bike ride

"He was quite simply the best art-installer I have ever worked with"

University blogger: CNBC has promoted crash since spring

Pattern: "Scores of pessimistic Cassandras whom CNBC trots out to talk down the market on a repetitive basis (e.g., Bill Fleckenstein, year after year) may well be just 'talking their own book' of short positions"
Traders: "Scott (sic) Brown ... persistently warns viewers that the market is bound to re-test its lows ... Dan Nathan also tends to see any stock as on its way down. And Brian Kelly, a shouter and bully, repetitively constantly refers to himself in the third person while spinning his decidedly negative views of market direction and broad-brush reading of the lack of growth in the US economy, notwithstanding much data to the contrary"
Brian Sullivan: "Delights in playing the wise simpleton"
Michelle Caruso-Cabrera: "Spends most of her time auditioning for Fox News"

CNBC’s Sara Eisen on fire in red

World Bank conversation was never so exciting

Balt. TV critic: Strong CBS broadcast marred by Simms bungle

"I replayed the sequence 5 times right after the game and I still have no idea what Simms really thought or how he could go from asking why they would kick to saying they should definitely do so in the space of 10 seconds"

Harvard Law grad, 38, charged in bizarre kidnapping

Disbarred in January

Jaguars’ big loss in New England got high local TV ratings

Team's best in 2 years
Denver: 69 share for Broncos' game

CNBC charging $250,000 per 30-second ad in GOP debate

"Significantly more than the typical $50,000 that CNBC charges for its sometimes schlocky commercials for personal grooming products or gold buying services"
Ratings: Presumably channel will be OK with Nielsen this time

In the navy: CNBC sailing with Amanda Drury & Seema Mody

Teaming up on "Power Lunch"

‘Wall Street Week’ nearing ‘global distribution deal’

Highest ratings on Sept. 13

Carl Quintanilla, Becky Quick, John Harwood, Rick Santelli,
Sharon Epperson, Jim Cramer picked for CNBC GOP debate

Pregame: Joe Kernen, Kelly Evans hosting special programming
CNBCfix comment: Great move to limit main field to those at 3% or better but let's end this publicity welfare of an "undercard" debate among hapless candidates who shouldn't be in the race ... if you can't poll 3% at this stage, you do not deserve to be considered a "candidate"

CNBC’s Mandy Drury in beautiful, mesmerizing outfit at NYSE

Fashion breakthrough on "Power Lunch"

Woman in Va. TV shooting striding toward recovery

"I saw those incredible flowers, and I saw those great big giant pictures of Adam and Alison and the viewfinder. That's all I saw. You can't all of the sudden stamp the place with tragedy. It has been nothing but economic development, growth, families, vacations, happiness"
Struggling to walk to mailbox: "Everyone says, ‘Oh, you’re doing so well,’ but they don’t know that it was the careful placement of timing — from the medications and laying in my bed all the way up until the moment that the car was already started. I don't want to disappoint anyone in the process, but it is what it is. So, I give it what I've got"

LSU-Syracuse was ESPN’s most-watched game last weekend

1 p.m. Eastern start outdrew each of channel's prime-time matchups

Will next movie of Michael Moore, 61, beat standards?

"A movie about the nuts and bolts of domestic policy ... doesn't stir the conspiracy loins the way some of his other movies do"

British barrister, 40, bitten by spider on plane, leg bursts open

"I turned on the light and clearly saw a spider running across the floor before hearing two stewardesses screaming 'Spider!,' but I wasn't sure if I had been bitten as it really wasn't very painful"

Guest billed $75.90 after not showing up for wedding

"This cost reflects the amount paid by the bride and groom for meals that were RSVP'd for, reimbursement and explanation for no show, card, call or text would be appreciated"

Meth junkie, 23, unable to post $50,000 bail

ATV club's treasurer allegedly steals about $23,000

Under Armour’s Kevin Plank, 43, worth $3.9 billion

No. 145 on Forbes' list

Fox Biz program picks up 1st monthly win against CNBC

"Lou Dobbs Tonight beat CNBC in total viewers for the month of September. CNBC aired a variety of shows, including 'West Texas Investors Club' and 'The Profit'"

Gerry Adams, 66, avoids charge in murder of Jean McConville

"However today is the beginning of a new fight for justice through a civil action against Mr Adams. The PPS decision gives us the green light to start that campaign through the civil courts"

Artist, 27, shot dead working on mural in West Oakland

"How do you do something positive and still get shot for it?"

Lena Dunham, 29, quits Twitter after photo comments

"It wasn't a graphic picture. I was wearing men's boxers, and it turned into the most rabid, disgusting debate about women's bodies, and my Instagram page was somehow the hub for misogynists for the afternoon"

Granddaughter, 61, of Stryker founder moves up Forbes list

"She owns 7.3% of Stryker shares"

Environmentalists not impressed by Jeb Bush, 62, energy plan

"It sounds to me like a continuation of what we saw under his brother’s presidency"

Woman, 30, deemed dangerous driver gets 2 years

"When he asked Vega for her license, registration and proof of insurance, she told him to just 'take her to jail' ... told him that she had gone to the methadone clinic that morning"

German media giant buys 88% of Business Insider for $343 mil.

Blodget to keep post

Amazon’s Baltimore warehouse staff work four 10-hour days

Woman, 24, goes from floor position to HR temp: "There's room for growth"

Paul Walker’s daughter: Porsche engineering to blame

Suit says: "Approximately 63 to 71 mph"
Police, coroner: "between 80 and 93 mph ... 100"

Nasdaq Composite enters Death Cross territory

"Since 1979, there have been 13 instances when all 4 indexes traded in a Death Cross"

0-3 Ravens coach, 53, insists team is ‘very confident’

"What's the old saying, 'When you're going through hell, keep going'"

1-2 Dolphins coach, 54, says effort isn’t the problem

"I watched the tape. I didn't see guys loafing. I didn't see issues on the sideline"

Titans will ask NFL to review INT, but aren’t blaming refs

"As you go through these situations, you learn from them. Make no mistake about it: We've got to win one of these games when we get into these situations"

Lions coach, 60, disagrees with reporter that RB looks slow

"Like any other position it's not always on him"

Jameis Winston, 21, invokes literary flourish after defeat

"I know it's ironic, but it was a very promising loss"

1-2 Colts don’t believe win has fixed everything

"Not by any stretch of the imagination. But it makes you feel better"

1-2 Jacksonville Jaguars’ D expected to stop bleeding vs. Patriots

"I thought we'd be able to put a tourniquet on it, but we never did"

Winner of MacArthur genius grant ignored phone call

"He tends to ignore numbers he doesn't recognize, assuming they are telemarketers"

Brown University rescinds honorary degree for Bill Cosby, 78

"Engaged in conduct with women 'contrary to the values of Brown'"

CNBC looks to limit number of podiums in Republican debate

"With the next debate a month away, it is maddening that the RNC has yet to provide any guidance to campaigns regarding the criteria that they and CNBC plan to use to exclude candidates"

Larry Kudlow apparently will run for Connecticut Senate seat

N.Y. Post: "Privately notified Empire State GOP Chairman Ed Cox of his decision days ago in what is widely seen as a serious embarrassment to Cox, who has told associates for months that Kudlow would be his party's candidate against Schumer"

Carl Icahn, 79, in video warns of bubble crash

"It's like giving somebody medicine and this medicine is being given and given and given and we don't know what's going to happen — you don't know how bad it's going to be. We do know when we did it a few years ago it caused a catastrophe, it caused '08. Where do you draw the line?"

Russia ambassador blames Poland for starting World War II

"Polish policy led to the disaster in September 1939, because during the 1930s Poland repeatedly blocked the formation of a coalition against Hitler's Germany. Poland was therefore partly responsible for the disaster which then took place"

ABC apologizes for calling O.J., 68, deposition tapes exclusive

"We were wrongly under the impression these deposition tapes were exclusive and had not aired before at length. We learned this morning portions did air 15 years ago. We apologize for the mistake"

Aaron Sorkin, 54, slams Tim Cook, 54, for criticizing Jobs movie

"If you've got a factory full of children in China assembling phones for 17 cents an hour you've got a lot of nerve calling someone else opportunistic"

Young Steelers star, 23, signs Fantex stock contract

Paper: "Fantex started its platform last year in a contract with San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis for $10 a share. The company has made three dividend payments worth $1.50 a share on Davis' stock, which was trading at $8 a share Wednesday, totaling more than $630,000"
Surprise: Agent could not be reached for comment

Safe with $1 mil. contents taken while Doc was home

"Knocked on the door ... told him they were with his roofing crew. One of the suspects was a smooth talker and walked the doctor into another room while the second suspect went into the doctor's bedroom..."

Court delays ruling on Roman Polanski, 82, extradition till October

"Lawyers stressed that Polanski had pleaded guilty and served 42 days in jail ... He had only fled U.S jurisdiction when details of a plea bargain he had struck with a judge leaked to the press and he feared the deal would not be honored"

Foxy security agent monitors pope receiving line at JFK

Pontiff's arrival in safe hands

Forgotten O.J., 68, civil trial depositions surface on ABC

"It's astonishing to watch him ... Incredibly inappropriate behavior for somebody being deposed about the brutal murder of two people"

Gartman says gold outperforming in non-dollar currencies

"I'm neutral gold in terms of the dollar and long in other currencies"

Expert: Shopping fights based on winning, not products

"On Black Friday, people will fight tooth and nail to get that last television, but really, if you drill down a little deeper, they're not interested in the product. They're interested in winning"

Woman, 25, who drowned in Seattle was MIT grad

Kelsey Brigance was staying with friends while looking for work

Woman seriously injured in wheelchair hit-and-run

Driver leaves scene; returns once cops arrive

Lawmaker: I’ve driven after having ‘a few shots’

"I’m human, but we do understand"

Pedestrian clipped by Uber driver’s side mirror

"Stepped into the roadway outside of a crosswalk"

TV station airs Nazi symbol during Yom Kippur report

"Please know we are reviewing our in-house policies and changes have already been made"

82-year-old woman shot by cops, survives

3 hours of negotiations involving a robot equipped with a microphone

3 GOP candidates call Anthony Scaramucci after Walker exit

"You have the hourglass of sand and at the end of the day, there's only one seat"

Gasparino gives boost to possible Larry Kudlow Senate bid

"good luck to my friend @larry_kudlow: Larry Kudlow Weighs Run Against Senator Richard Blumenthal in Connecticut"

Thug, 30, charged in armed robbery of Denny’s

Took $200 in cash
Domino's: Cops seek robber who jumped counter at 1:55 a.m.

Oakland residents freak out over new Uber HQ

"Many decried the gentrification and impact on already-rising rents"

Stock trading at 15 cents getting boot from NYSE

"North American coated paper demand is in … decline"

Citadel head of investor relations, 57, leaving at year-end

“The firm has never been stronger. It just seemed like the right time"

Cabbie strike at Chicago airports over Uber entry

"Nothing in the mayor's proposal makes them play by the same rules we do"

Copper thieves chop down 7 poles, cause $50,000 damage

Might've affected prison's water supply

World’s youngest female billionaire is stunning Stanford dropout

"We have a belief system, which that this is not about us or our technology. It's about giving people a basic right that they have lost. This is the ability to get access to their health information"
CNBCfix comment: We have no idea why this April interview surfaced now, but it's worth a mention

Died: Ben Cauley, 67, survived Otis Redding’s Wis. plane crash

"Ben was a strong spirit. You could hear it in his horn, you could feel it in his presence. He survived the plane crash, he wasn’t stopped by the debilitating stroke. That zest for life could be heard in the high notes he hit so casually, and also the hint of humor in his phrasing. He was humble in an almost Zen-like way, in a way that represented the best of the Stax. He didn’t take his accomplishments for granted, and he seemed able to personally appreciate the joy he brought to people, like each smiling face was distinct to him"

BAC pulls mike from speakers going beyond 2 minutes

Meeting lasts less than 15 minutes; fewer than 100 attend

Sean Penn, 55, files $10 mil. defamation suit vs. Lee Daniels, 55

"Falsely equates Penn with Howard, even though, while he has certainly had several brushes with the law, Penn (unlike Howard) has never been arrested, much less convicted, for domestic violence, as his ex-wives (including Madonna) would confirm and attest"

Amazon dropping new Prime subscriptions to $67 for 1 day

Deal lasts for 24 hours

CNBC stresses Larry Kudlow is ‘not a CNBC employee’

No comment on terms of employment or compensation

Chicago Police warn of thugs posing as Uber drivers

Company: Do not accept a ride from a car with more than one driver

Pharma analysts see little threat from Hillary, 67

"This appeals to the left wing group that supports Bernie and makes Hillary look like she's a liberal for a few minutes"

Most Hated Man in America lowering $750 pill price

Earlier in the day: "Not excessive at all"

Died: Kerry Simon, 60, Vegas chef started at Little Caesars

Pizzeria co-worker Bill Murray: "I worked with a guy who became a very famous chef, who's really funny. We started together ... Kerry Simon is his name. ... We were the 'class' the stars fell on"

ESPN could be mulling ‘200 to 300’ layoffs

Paper: "Facing many of the same challenges as properties owned by Viacom, Time Warner, 21st Century Fox, CBS and Comcast"

Leonardo DiCaprio, 40, shedding investments in fossil-fuel stocks

AP: "Campaign organizers estimate fossil fuel holdings are 3 to 8 percent of institutions' portfolios, but they don't have an exact total of what's being dropped. In some cases, institutions have sold only some fossil fuel investments while keeping others"

Robber of Shell station exits with female clerk

"We're actively working the case"

Woman attends 32nd Garth Brooks, 53, concert

"Never, ever once has it ever gotten old or boring"

Comcast using bicycling technicians during papal visit

"These guys are jazzed up and excited to be a part of it"

Steelers, 49ers fans in violent brawl at Buffalo Wild Wings

Yinz won the game 43-18

Blankfein, 61, has lymphoma

"Late this summer after several weeks of not feeling well, I underwent a series of tests, which culminated in a biopsy last week. Fortunately, my form of lymphoma is highly curable and my doctors' and my own expectation is that I will be cured"

Free pizza for year for man who returns $1,300 in Domino’s box

"I was like, 'What the heck'"

2 suspects dead, 2 cops wounded in TGT parking-lot shootout

"Fortunately no innocent bystanders were involved"

L.A. Times personnel doubt Tribune Co. publishing strategy

"1, accelerating our transition to digital; 2, diversifying our revenue base; 3, accelerating our national sales initiatives; 4, maintaining a disciplined cost structure; and 5, pursuing accretive acquisitions"

Fans booing in Indy over Colts’ performance

"Colts coach Chuck Pagano, who nudged Luck toward the bus last week ... threw Luck under the bus after the game Monday, then backed the bus up and left tread marks all over Luck's No. 12 jersey"
Pagano: "It's not that hard — it's not trigonometry"

Man, 33, pleads guilty in first bitcoin ‘Ponzi scheme’ case

"Telltale signs"

French music service Deezer plans IPO

"6.3 million subscribers at the end of June"

Man, 24, admits killing girlfriend, 31, who called out ex’s name twice

Dialed 911 and said she was having trouble breathing

Pope requests SF bakery’s snacks on U.S. flights

"We've been provided a shipping account and special instructions"

Baltimore TV critic: CBS botched heat reports in Ravens game

"I could see that the players were gassed and cramping up later in the game, but I never got a clear sense of what they were up against when you factored in the humidity. I wanted some major heat index talk and pictures of thermometers, and didn't get it"

Truck hauling caramel crashes on interstate

"Fortunately for passing motorists, the gooey mess didn't hit the roadway"

All-time low for Emmy ratings

"Football is obviously a big reason for the drop ... Knowing that football would be an issue, Fox had tried to stack the cards in its favor by airing the Emmys after its own two NFL games during the day"

Larry Kudlow says he’s ‘leaning’ toward Conn. Senate bid

CNBCfix prediction: Won't happen

South Dakota bank touted on CNBC

Follows BAC on guest's short list

Alibaba lockup ends

"It's typically a catalyst for stocks, but I do think there’s going to be another 2 to 3 tough quarters"

Car thefts up another 10% in San Francisco

Nation's highest rate

Died: Jackie Collins, 77, sold 500 million books

"I have a man for every occasion"

Dakota Johnson, 25, single

"They're scared of me ... I guess they either love me or they're running for the hills. I guess they're running for the hills"

2013 all over again

"Shows signs of taking a page out of her predecessor’s policy playbook"

Jeff Sonnenfeld on Fiorina, 61: ‘In 10 years, what has she learned?’

"HP was in great shape when she got there and she left it in tatters"

Daily News ditching lone business page

"Sportswriter Bill Madden, who was among those axed on Wednesday, was given a standing ovation as he left the office for the last time. He started in 1978"

Suit: Fire chief let business burn over 1990s crash

"Fogg claims in his lawsuit that he and the chief were involved in a car accident in 1996 and that, unbeknownst to Fogg, Ross held a grudge over that crash"

Former heroin addict writes letter thanking cop

"In that moment, he not only restored my faith in police officer said, but he also restored my faith in humanity on that day. His compassion, vulnerability, and inherent goodness just blew me away. He shook my hand, pulled me in for a hug, and told me he would say a prayer for me ... I've been clean since that day"

Duke pre-med students save professor’s life

"That felt really good, and it still feels really good, I would love to be a doctor someday and feel that good all the time"

Billy Joel, 66, to interview Don Henley, 68

"I'm not afraid to sing with people who kick my ass — who are better singers than I am"

Man, 54, accused of vehicular homicide in moped rider, 63, death

Toxicology results pending

Restaurateur: Yelp buried positive reviews over ad refusal

Claim: Yelp’s local community manager dropped her own review from 4 stars to 3 long after dining; site put "disproportionate number of our 5-star reviews" into "not recommended reviews" section

Les Moonves, 65, balks at film by Redford, 79, about Rather, 83

"CBS mostly comes across as the villain in 'Truth'"

Comcast’s Brian Roberts, 56, not sweating streaming

Universal having "maybe the best year in Hollywood history"

Union Pacific begins laying off workers in Omaha

Employs almost 50,000 nationwide

Man claims poisoning by meth on hotel room coffeemaker

"Began to feel weird within 20 minutes of drinking the coffee"

Jim Grant predicts interest-rate hike

"I think they do it for the very human reason that Janet Yellen wants to change the subject as much as we want to have it changed. Just do it"

Police sergeant, 41, accused of DUI

Intoxilyzer results not available

Correction: Barron’s botches average U.S. online spending

Article said: "... well above the $963 annual average for U.S. shoppers"
Correction: "Editor’s Note: Barron’s made an error in our discussion of annual spending per shopper, a topic Wilkinson discusses in section #3 of his letter. We substantially understated the amount the average American online shopper spends at Websites each year. The figure that Wilkinson provides, $1,655, is probably about right"

CNBC’s Phil LeBeau emcees Insurance Institute’s dome celebration

"Even though you’re in this bubble here, and working with crash tests and dummies and different systems, be aware that around the country and around the world, people are noticing. They are noticing the advancements being made in terms of vehicle safety and vehicle technology"

Fox Business beats CNBC in business prime time

1st time in 2015

Is Caroline Kennedy, 57, seeking revenge on Hillary, 67?

"Rather than stay in Tokyo and let the politicians continue to use her as a punching bag, it would be a profile in courage for her to come home and help elect the person she believes is best qualified to lead the nation"

CNBC giving ‘West Texas Investors Club’ 2nd season

Pair invested $1.97 million with aspiring entrepreneurs in 1st season

Professor, 71, dies in motorcycle accident

Walk-in counseling services available

Stanford business dean resigns amid affair scandal

"Estranged wife of a former professor who is suing the university"

Congressman wants hearings into NFL’s fantasy football ads

"Anyone who watched a game this weekend was inundated by commercials for fantasy sports websites, and it’s only the first week of the NFL season ... the legal landscape governing these activities remains murky and should be reviewed ... Fans are currently allowed to risk money on the performance of an individual player. How is that different than wagering money on the outcome of a game?"

Giants RB told not to score near end of debacle in Dallas

Jaw-dropping scoreboard, clock management

Overnight ratings for NBC’s ‘Sunday Night Football’ hit 3-year high

Kansas City: Chiefs game attracts "monster 66% share" of local viewers
Baltimore: Ravens opener is city's 4th-most-watched program of year, trailing only the Super Bowl and team's 2 playoff games in January
Nashville: Titans game up 10% over last year's opener
Chicago: Close game between Bears, Packers "was only good, not great"

Drunkard, 25, at Hooters gives cops ‘meow’ for ID

"Someone in a Mercedes-Benz driving recklessly through the parking lot"

Card counter sues, claims casino took $3,625 in chips

"Not illegal in Nevada but discouraged by casinos ... handcuffed on the casino floor and held against his will after refusing to provide identification — which is also not illegal — when he tried to cash in his chips ..."

Joe Kernen: ‘Politico should just merge with Huffington Post’

John Harwood: "I’m in sympathy with your sentiment, Joe. I think people are eager in — there’s so much political press out there. Everybody’s trying to come up with a sharp, fresh angle"

Average NFL team worth nearly $2 billion

Cowboys No. 1 at $4 billion

Restaurant will stop serving breakfast after 40 years

"We have always striven to provide a homemade experience, with my brothers Peter, Pat and I rotating coming in at 3 a.m. every morning to prep for the day and make fresh breads and breakfast pastries. Unfortunately, the breakfast culture has changed; people want fast food on the go"

Woman, 41, brought drugs into police HQ for booking

Volunteered to turn herself in; brought Tupperware container of marijuana

Brian Wilson, 73, Al Jardine, 73, set Waukegan show

"I Get Around," "Don't Worry Baby," "Fun, Fun, Fun" and "Help Me, Rhonda" on the bill

Man dies in mysterious lawn mower accident

Pronounced dead at the scene

Man, 37, disappears after leaving casino

"He is believed to be without necessary medication"

Ivy League prof, 49, in tough case banned from campus

"We have no reason to believe that the charges made against Professor Favor have any connection to his employment at Dartmouth; however, we have issued a formal no-trespass letter that prohibits him from entering Dartmouth property"

Devo co-founder, 67, marries, has tasteless 9/11 reception

Couple's faces on Twin Towers; box cutters as party favors

CNN pumping Round 2

"This is a television series that Trump has launched. The Republicans hope it gets canceled. In the meantime, it's got everybody's attention"

Late Friday news: Feds drop China spy case against prof

"I barely came out of this nightmare"

Dow’s best week since March

"Technically, the end-of-day and end-of-week rally is a subtle but important sign that the bulls are getting stronger and that investors are getting more confident ahead of the Fed meeting"

Stephen King, 67, receives medallion from White House

How else would nation know he can write? "I'm amazed and grateful"

Steelers’ headsets get Patriots radio broadcast at New England

Tomlin: "That's always the case. Yes. I said what I said"

Nouriel Roubini, 56, offering meditation sessions

"A strong advocate of the benefits of the practice"

Uber CEO, 39, heckled during Colbert taping

Host apologizes for outburst of "passion" around the issue

CNBC’s Susan Li replaces Seema Mody in London

Former "Worldwide Exchange" host back to NYC

Ronda Rousey, 28, planning remake of ‘Road House’

Paper: "Sources say Rousey recently reached out to Swayze’s widow, Lisa Niemi, to ask for her blessing, which Niemi gladly gave"

NYU professor: ‘Time to euthanize’ Yahoo

"If she hadn't announced she was pregnant with twins, she'd be out of a job within 6 months"

0.299% drunkard on motorized scooter falls at Wal-Mart

Bleeding from the face

STJ chief, 61, leaving on a high note

"If I thought we were in a position where the company was about to undertake any special struggles, I would want to stay on board to help work through those struggles"

Jim Cramer says Summit B&B is already profitable

All rooms outfitted with Martha Stewart sheets and duvets

Intoxicated cop, 43, responds to call over Facebook post

Failed Breathalyzer

Starting-gate vehicle blamed on racetrack worker’s death

Casino officials cooperating with police

Ultramarathoner pays $500 for drinking atop mountain

"I think they were somewhat miffed"

Respected Texas doctor dies on 14,000-foot Colo. mountain

Treated victims of Fort Hood shootings in 2009 and 2014

Jerry Brown, 77: Big Oil gutted California climate bill

Governor's "zeal has been intensified to a maximum degree"

Drunk student falls into fire hydrant

Female witness says he was hit by another male first

Ex-CEO, 49, of Houston company admits to being a Russian agent

5th of 11 defendants to plead guilty

Tribune Publishing fires L.A. Times publisher, 55

Defiant: "I am not departing by choice, nor is this some 'mutual agreement' on my part and Tribune Publishing. Tribune Publishing has decided to fire me"
Chicago: "Hires fueled speculation that Beutner was setting himself up for another political run, perhaps for the governorship of California, sources said"
Los Angeles: "He had chafed at Tribune’s management structure, in which important decisions about technology and other issues flowed from the Chicago headquarters"
Staff meeting: "This is the last one of these I'll be doing for a while" ... by midmorning, HR officer asked him to surrender badge, quickly vacate 2nd-floor office
Villaraigosa: "The Tribune bought this newspaper and ransacked it"

Surfer Shawn Dollar, 34, breaks neck amid 25-foot waves

"I'm so grateful for those who where there in my scariest and darkest hour and who acted on my behalf to get me to safety and reach the hospital in time"
Friend: "With 4 breaks in his neck, he got really lucky that he didn’t sever his spinal cord. The doctors were really amazed. It was a bit of a miracle for Mr. Dollar"

Larry Kudlow suggests GE heading to Texas

"I've heard that they're going Dallas. I may be dead wrong"

Masked gunman gets $800, leaves restaurant laughing

Owner to customers: "I was robbed. I've got to make some money. Please come"

Macy’s closing 35 to 40 stores in early 2016

About $300 million in combined revenue

Primary season: Jeb Bush, 62, proposing broad tax cuts

"He would reduce the number of individual tax brackets to 3 from 7, with a high rate of 28% and then down to 25% and 10%"

Ben Carson, 63, pronounces it ‘Silicone’ Valley

"At least he didn’t shamelessly pander to tech while he was here, a la Jeb Bush"

Yahoo slammed on IRS tax-free-spinoff denial

"At the same time, the IRS indicated that it had not concluded that the proposed spin-off transaction was taxable and therefore was not ruling adversely on the request"

Another arrest in early-morning brawl at Greenwich school

"A cell phone was forcibly taken during the incident"

Garment mogul injured falling off his yacht

"Artie hosted a birthday party on his yacht in Sag Harbor for one of his partners. As Artie was leaving the boat, he missed the step, fell into the water and was taken to the hospital ... beat up pretty bad"

Died: Ben Kuroki, 98, Nebraskan flew WWII missions over Japan

AP: "Kuroki and his brother, Fred, volunteered for service after the Dec. 7, 1941, Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. They were initially rejected by recruiters who questioned the loyalty of the children of Japanese immigrants. Undeterred, the brothers drove 150 miles to another recruiter, who allowed them to sign up"

Died: Dennis Hale, 75, lone survivor of 1966 Huron capsizing

"I think somehow I give people a little hope in life, that life is a struggle, but if you have faith and determination you can go through life and come out ahead ... I'm a fighter but the uncertainty of not knowing if anybody knows you're missing and to hear your other friends cry out in pain like that is just ... it makes life seem so useless, really. So I prayed"

Hollywood’s dumping ground: Labor Day

"The highest-grossing Labor Day release is 'Halloween' — back in 2007"

5 details you shouldn’t give Facebook

"Try not to leave any information on your Facebook that reveals where you work"

Chipotle fights back against ‘Chubby’ ad

"A deliberate effort to smear us"

Professor, 49, fatally run over by her own car

"She was absolutely 100% deceased by the time we got there"

Drone crashes into seats at U.S. Open Tennis match

"With everything going on in the world ... I thought, 'OK, it's over.' That's how things happen"

‘Hand of God’ called one of Amazon’s weakest shows

"All over the map ... seemingly without any direction"

Back for opening night

Goodell chided for "his own brand of industrial justice"

Scene including Goodell, 56, axed from Sony NFL movie

"Took place in a room that I wasn't in, about a conversation that took place between people that I didn't talk to ... didn't want to be defamatory"

Arby’s apologizes for refusing to serve cop

"In my 18 years here I've never heard of an incident like this before. Whenever we've gone to an establishment, we've been treated professionally and great"
Numerous calls to the Arby’s at 11755 Pines Blvd were not answered

Shortage of lifeguards in Greenwich

"Every country club has a pool, and they're looking for lifeguards, too. Everybody in the business is doing the same thing"

Louise Yamada: ‘Bear market’

"We could certainly see the S&P test its 2009 uptrend at 1,800. If the 1,800 level were to be breached, I think we could go all the way back toward 1,600 which is the breakout point through which the market moved in 2013"

4:30 meeting was a winner for new Oscars producer

"I’ve been in Hollywood long enough to know that the 4:30 Friday meeting is the kiss-off meeting, the meeting you have to have but you don’t really want to have. Normally, what happens is — do you want some coffee, would you like some cookies, how are the kids, oh, look at the time, the traffic's dreadful on the 10, have to fly, kissy-kissy, we must do lunch. So I told my wife, Joan, that I'd be home by quarter-to-6, but I didn’t get home till late. And that began a series of conversations, culminating in today’s announcement"

Josh Gad, 34, closes deal to play Ebert in ‘Russ & Roger’

"Debaucherous comedy centering on two outsiders"

Product Sans

6th logo change in company's history

Marissa Mayer, 40, pregnant with twin girls

"Limited time away ... working throughout"

Misting showers installed at entrance to Auschwitz

"As soon as I got off the bus I walked into the shower contraption. I was in shock. It was a punch to the gut. I walked up to the reception and asked the worker there about the showers, she said it was a hot day. I told her: 'With all due respect it reminds me of the gas chambers.' She told me she is very sorry"

WMT quietly cuts hours at 300 of its 24-hour stores

Paper: "Union officials say Walmart is simply taking away with one hand — hours from store workers — what it gave workers with the other in April, that is, a raise to $9 an hour"

Paper guesses which songs Paul McCartney, 73, likely to play

"Back in the U.S.S.R.," "Carry That Weight" 12 for 12 in summer appearances

Larry Kudlow hints at possible Connecticut Senate bid

"If Sen. Richard Blumenthal votes with Obama on Iran, I'm going to run against him"
Senator: "I am focused on making the right decision as a matter of conscience and conviction, listening to scientific and diplomatic experts, administration officials and opponents, and, most importantly, the people of Connecticut"

Bloomberg News to lay off 80 staffers by Labor Day

"Staffers in the DC bureau have been on pins and needles"

Chrissie Hynde, 63: Rape victims should ‘take responsibility’

"If I'm walking around, and I'm very modestly dressed and I'm keeping to myself, and someone attacks me, then I'd say that's his fault. But if I'm being very lairy and putting it about and being provocative, then you are enticing someone who’s already unhinged — don't do that. Come on! That’s just common sense"

Netflix parting ways with Epix

"While many of these movies are popular, they are also widely available on cable and other subscription platforms at the same time as they are on Netflix and subject to the same drawn-out licensing periods"

Brian Steel exiting CNBC

"The life of every party"

Honorary Oscars for Spike Lee, 58,
Gena Rowlands, 85, Debbie Reynolds, 83

Called before announcement; Spike "really jazzed and very honored"

Steven Ballmer, 59, rejects $60 mil. offer so he can try streaming

"Ballmer is going to want to explore his option on the tech side, but the cable model is still a pretty reliable source of revenue. If they go OTT, they're taking an enormous risk, and they're not the most prominent team in L.A. — they are second-best"

Carl Icahn, 79, is top shareholder in FCX

"FCX maintains an open dialogue with our shareholders and welcomes constructive input"

Bob Pisani calls Thursday’s tape ‘ridiculous’

"We need to see a few boring August days before traders believe the worst is behind us"

Virginia TV anchor: ‘I thought maybe a car backfired’

"I thought maybe there were shots in the background. The county is kind of rural"

Pair of O.J., 68, documentaries in A&E Networks’ pipeline

"'The Secret Tapes' will feature an audio recording that Simpson taped prior to being chased in his white Bronco, along with rare interviews with key players on both sides, including extensive discussions with Kardashian and ex-wife Kris Kardashian Jenner"

Wolff: What does Comcast get for its BuzzFeed, Vox investments?

"Possibly it's just PR. The cool factor"

N.Y. Post: Marcus Lemonis is dating Bethenny Frankel

"They sat in a quieter booth in the back"

CNBC: Market soared after crossing key technical indicator

"We should expect to see more gains Thursday"

Virginia TV shooter, 41, grew up in Oakland

"I've never seen him angry in my life. ... I'm still in shock. He's not a monster"

SLB paying $14 bil. for CAM

"This is a sign that Schlumberger sees a market bottom"

ESPN suspends Curt Schilling, 48, over Muslim-Nazi tweeting

"It's said only 5-10% of Muslims are extremists. In 1940, only 7% of Germans were Nazis. How'd that go?"

Boy trips, punches hole in $1.5 million artwork

"I'm actually thinking of asking the boy back to be a volunteer in the exhibition for 1 day, as a penalty"

CNBC’s Louisa Bojesen: ‘I never go on dates’

Louisa: "Front of the FT this morning, they make a point with a big picture of the Shard, saying the Shard has defied the doubters as setting record rents for the South Bank. Here's like a little picture of the Shard, so it's a huge building in London-"
Seema Mody: "Have you ever been up there?"
Louisa: "I haven't. Have you been?"
Seema: "I hear it's a great date spot"
Louisa: "Really?"
Seema: "Yeah, I'm told"
Louisa: "I wouldn't know. I don't know. I never go on dates"

Trump, 69, demands Zucker, 50, give $10 mil. for CNN showdown

"Otherwise, I'm not going to debate"

PETA OK with Steelers’ signing of Michael Vick, 35

"As long as he's throwing a football and not electrocuting a dog, PETA is pleased he is focused on his game"

Armored tank crushes man, 54, on Jelly Belly CEO’s property

"As the tank traveled down a dirt hill, Wright fell off and landed directly in front of the tank"

Ex-JPM analyst, 27, 2 pals accused of insider trading

Allegedly leaked tips about, netted $672,000

Linn Energy CFO steps aside

"Not related to any disagreement with the company’s policies or practices"

L.A. Times critic: CNBC leading investors ‘astray,’ serves traders

"'Stocks staging a stunning comeback,' declared anchor Amanda Drury around 1:45 p.m. Eastern. ... The truth, obviously, is that ... the markets don't 'stage' anything. Viewing the trading day in the same terms as the running of a horse in the Kentucky Derby or a ball club aiming for a Wild Card berth is a fundamental error"

Fox Business’ Friday night stock special thumps CNBC

Not just market correction, but Trump speech

David Faber flustered: “I gotta make some phone calls’

"These are enormous moves, and, of course, when you see these kinds of moves, it becomes self-fulfilling and then everybody is just like, ‘All right, even though I see real value there, I’m not going to take a shot'"

Hack magnets: Sony breach perhaps just 1 of many for ex-workers

Mag: "Two plaintiffs potentially had information exposed through a breach on Anthem, a health insurance company, according to this appendix. Another through breaches upon Dropbox and Evernote. And most of the plaintiffs used credit cards at Home Depot or Target, which also were subject to hacks"

Stock market collapse assessed in cities around the country

Buffalo: "Generally speaking, my clients are calm and more concerned about whether this is a buying opportunity rather than the end of the world"
Indianapolis: "I don’t know that I would necessarily call it a free fall; that’s probably a little extreme. My impression is that what probably touched it off, and what’s made it bigger than maybe some people anticipated, is a combination of things really happening overseas in Europe and especially in China"
Richmond: "This has been widely expected. Most businesspeople in the financial channels have known for quite a time that the equities market is overvalued. Now as we go through this correction period and global growth slows, the labor market will take a hit, there will be less hiring and the unemployment rate will go up — unless people give up and leave the labor force altogether"
San Diego: "When the markets are down like this, people get depressed. They see that their 401k's have declined. People feel poorer. Even though their incomes haven't changed, they may cut back on their spending"
New York: "I expect another collapse like before Obama took over. There is no regulation on these people — the hedge funds do whatever they want"
Omaha: "Undoubtedly, some are concerned about a global slowdown or even a possible recession. The bottom line is that the remnants of the financial crisis are still lingering for many investors, causing them to be particularly risk-averse"
Chicago: "I went upstairs, logged in, went to transaction history. One pending transaction. Plus two words. 'Cancel Transaction.' I clicked on them. The transaction was canceled. I ran upstairs to congratulate my wife for being a genius"
Pittsburgh: "This continued focus on the Chinese stock market, it’s just nuts. The fact is that the Chinese stock market is so small that it’s almost ridiculous"

Fins at 50: Pivotal moments in Miami Dolphins history

It appears that one of those is an undefeated season

Ed Bass, others, win royalty lawsuit against CHK

"As more and more of these cases happen, you find out how these operators do business and that information might lead people to evaluate their particular contracts and see if they are being treated fairly"

Lawyers: Tim Cook, 54, email to Cramer may be SEC violation

"I certainly could see, in some circumstances, where the SEC would want to review the conduct and think it is a violation of Reg FD. It constitutes a disclosure giving certain individuals the benefit before it was percolated by the rest of the public, during a fast-moving, extraordinary market"

Problems at TD Ameritrade, Scottrade amid selloff

"Client trades were and continue to be executed, although there has been some slowness in some cases, related to these industry-wide issues and the historic nature of the day"

Tim Cook, 54, sends exclusive note to Cramer

"I get updates on our performance in China every day, including this morning, and I can tell you that we have continued to experience strong growth for our business in China through July and August. Growth in iPhone activations has actually accelerated over the past few weeks, and we have had the best performance of the year for the App Store in China during the last 2 weeks"

Ashley Madison facing $578 million class-action suit

"In many cases, the users paid an additional fee for the Web site to remove all of their user data — only to discover that the information was left intact and exposed"

Female cop on de Blasio detail shot in butt by pellet gun

Alleged "known troublemaker" taken into custody

Hero’s tribute: Skydivers honor fallen Golden Knight, 32

Corey Hood, 5 tours in Iraq/Afghanistan, died from accident at Chicago Air Show
"Corey would run toward gunfire, not away from it"
Photo: Mother among mourners at funeral at high-school stadium

First correction since 2011

"Every time we hit the major technical points we kept selling"
Oil: Briefly falls below $40 for first time since March 2009
Nasdaq: In the red for the year
VIX: Crosses 24
Endgame: "At one point or another you're going to see some bottom fishing"

BYU professor: ‘Soul mates are fiction and an illusion’

"If during the process of dating and choosing who you're going to marry you believe that there's a one-and-only person, then it becomes about trying to find them ... We become sort of shallow, and we sort of create a weird shopping mentality that is antithetical to the development of post-romantic relationships ... The more you date a number of different folks, the more likely it is that you’ll find an excellent match. It's just science"

Demand huge for Syracuse prof’s ‘Star Trek’ course

"'Star Trek' has the ability to reach people, even people who have never seen it. It's a very different type of show. It's highly cerebral — a very intelligent show and it has very endearing characters. So, there's something in it for everyone"

University president teaching course, checks email account himself

Last time in classroom: "It was under President Bush. Not the President Bush you all know. His dad. We were talking about things like the Iraq war then, but it was the first Gulf war. It made me feel kind of old when I looked back at that"
Student: "I think he is on point with his expectations. Why pay all this money to UNA, or take out loans or bankrupt your parents if you are not going to participate in class?"

‘Shark Tank’ star, 46, delivers motivational speech

Recounts working "for a place called a mall. You have to remember, entrepreneur wasn't even a word"

Options traders actually betting on gold rebound

"We don't quite know how this will end. But if gold's bear market is similar to the one in the early 1980s, it may still be marked by some significant rebounds"

John Paulson, 59, on Puerto Rico hotel shopping spree

"Incredible buying opportunity with high returns"

Elon Musk, 44, adds investors to Hyperloop

"Core team of engineers and designers has now grown past 400"

2 films in works billed as sequels to ‘Chariots of Fire’

One will be distributed by Hong Kong-based Alibaba Pictures Group
"Chinese authorities confirmed that when the Japanese offered him an opportunity to leave via a prisoner swap, he instead gave his spot to a pregnant woman"

Blue & red: Carolin Roth & Seema Mody on ‘Worldwide Exchange’

Carolin: "Would you wear this dress for 30 years if you could?"
Seema: "I may see; if it still fits me, why not?"
Carolin: "Why not, right"

Malcolm Gladwell, 51, unloads on Yale

"Yale's endowment spent $480 million paying its hedge fund managers last year and $170 million on its students. I was going to donate money to Yale. But maybe it makes more sense to mail a check directly to the hedge fund of my choice"

Ken Stabler named finalist for Pro Football Hall of Fame

"Everybody that played with him and coached him knew that he had those qualities"

Died: Alan ‘Bud’ Yorkin, 89, teamed with Lear on ‘All in the Family’

"His was the horse we rode in on, and I couldn't love or appreciate him more"

Dennis Gartman: Crude bear market to end in ‘panic liquidation’

"It will end when you've had an announcement of 5 or 6 bankruptcies. It will end when mergers and acquisitions step in and take over"

Subway’s challenge: Making Jared, 37, go away

"You think of Subway, and you think of Jared chasing around little girls. It's going to mitigate people's decision to go there"
Smokin': Extremely attractive female officer among those removing computer equipment from home in July

Ben Bernanke, 61: Military doesn’t help in real world

"If you go into the military at age 18 — versus an identical person who stays in the private sector and takes a private sector job — 10 years later, if you leave the military, your skills and wages are probably not going to be quite as high on average as the private sector person"
Army vet: "Bernanke’s speaking a very uncomfortable truth that goes to the core of the all-volunteer force. The whole idea is it can recruit people by saying, 'You’ll serve your country and be better off afterwards. Bernanke's comments suggest that might not be true, and that's a big problem for the all-volunteer force"

Died: Yvonne Craig, 78, Batgirl

Cause: Breast cancer; passed away at Pacific Palisades home
Did her own stunts, rode motorcycle, briefly dated Elvis
Business: Went into prepaid phone cards with sister

Clothing changes nonexistent in ‘West Texas’ negotiations

CNBCfix review: After "Shark Tank," pickle entrepreneur succeeds on 2nd try

Woman finds camera in Starbucks bathroom

"One of the people that had been using the restroom previously saw a gentleman loitering around the bathroom. He seemed very suspicious. We would like to talk to that gentleman"

Gundlach, 55: Raising interest rates might be a ‘bad idea’

"To raise interest rates when junk bonds are nearly at a 4-year low is a bad idea"

Survey: People giving up on Apple Music

Report says 48% have quit; company says it's 21%

‘Shark Tank’ also-ran accepts ‘West Texas’ opportunity

"One of the producers from 'Shark Tank' emailed me and said, 'Hey, there's a brand new show that's never been on TV before, we think you'd be great.' So I filled out the application. I thought, 'What do I have to lose?'"

Man, 25-30, steals bras, spits in clerk’s face

"Began stuffing bras into a shopping bag he was carrying"

Man, 24, trying to stop man from suicide falls to death from dorm

AP: "Counseling is available for students campus-wide, and in the coming weeks, staff will be checking in on the students who were living in Hale Wainani at the time of Sunday’s incident"

Carmike curiously not showing ‘Compton’ in St. Petersburg

Paper: "Council member Wengay Newton, whose constituency also is chiefly African-American, was concerned by the omission of 'Straight Outta Compton' from the 19-screen theater's lineup. When he learned of the situation, Newton called Carmike's corporate offices for an explanation. His message was not returned as of press time"

Steelers roster hopeful, 25, recently was Tin Man on beach

"Over Davis' 2 years in Florida, his act evolved, eventually painting his body to mimic the Tin Man from 'The Wizard of Oz.' He would stand on the beach as still as he possibly could, then he would move abruptly, startling passerby when they came up to take pictures"

Profs: Hedge funds only do half as well as believed

Bloomberg: "The average annualized return for the industry since 1996 goes from 12.6% to 6.3% when the biases are removed from the data, according to the paper. ... The biases stem from the fact that hedge funds voluntarily report results to these databases. The main reason they cough up the data is for marketing purposes, according to the paper, and funds generally begin contributing their returns once they have results worth bragging about"

Pete Najarian, 51, lobbying for U. of Minnesota A.D. job

"It's absolutely flattering beyond words to be in the conversation. Whether or not that's legitimate, we'll see. It'll be interesting once the university puts together a team (to decide) what they're looking for. I would be an out-of-the-box kind of guy"
Credentials: "He was an all-Big Ten second-teamer in his last three seasons. Getting such a distinction as a sophomore in 1983 was quite an accomplishment, when you consider the Gophers as a unit had one of the worst defenses in the history of college football"

‘Exorcist’ kills granddaughter, 33, of Morgan Freeman, 78

"Get out, devils! I cast you out, devils! In the name of Jesus Christ, I cast you out!"

All-black outfit for CNBC anchor after losing bet

"It was a thumping, I do have to agree with you"

Only 4 mentions of ‘trade’ in GOP debate, all by Trump

"The questions were loaded and overly tactical, seemingly designed to maximize shock and entertainment value"

‘Wall Street Week’ guest: Chicago bonds ‘very much oversubscribed’

Also: Mark Fisher suggests energy independence affecting U.S. Middle East moves

Uber driver chases down, collars 3 teenage robbers

Cops alerted during 4-mile chase

N.Y. Post: Sam Waksal got scammed for $100,000

Apparently not cooperating with investigators

Caesars creditors after cash of Lynn Swann, 63

Earned $268,000 as a director in 2013

Team around Al Gore, 67, denies interest in presidential bid

"I think somebody's off base"

Man looking for cellphone struck, killed by roller coaster

Had just finished ride; jumped over a fence

Car dealer holds 25%-off ‘hail sale’ after storm

"The average person would not be able to find the damage on most of them. At least 50% received very light damage, and the other 50% light to moderate damage"
Insurance agent: "Everyone in this office has been working straight out since then"

Jay Leno, 65, picked CNBC because it’s a ‘smart’ network

"The demographic is pretty good"

Police dog dies at PGA Championship

Air conditioner in car failed

Oakland police gun down thug, 24

Protesters smash windows at Starbucks

CBOE introduces Volatility Index futures with weekly expirations

"These days, weekly expirations are about all anyone trades"

Subject of CNBC program unhappy with show’s title

Paper: "She noted that they didn't pay her to appear on the show or show her or anyone at her company any of the footage or the finished product ahead of the show's air date. 'I was very nervous initially because they were asking me about how many cars I own or how valuable my house is and that wasn't the pitch that I was given when they approached me to do this show. I thought the show would be about American made companies not about my assets or how much money I have in the bank. ... When I saw the promo clip I was pleasantly surprised. That made my day, because by sticking to my guns and never giving them revenue numbers or my salary, the promo showed how grateful and humble I am for the success I've had ... They tried to script me but I wouldn't bite. ... Since I didn't take the producers' bait, I never came off like I was bragging about my success. The segment turned out better than I could've ever expected"

CNBC’s ‘West Texas’ stars defend becoming millionaires

"Nobody distributed us any money. We earned it" ... "We’re not about enabling people"

‘Complaints dominate’ at town’s small meeting about Comcast

"Ten years ago, I killed my modem, and they gave me this form saying I turned in my modem. They've charged me for that for 10 years, $10 a month. They refuse to do anything about it. If I want to get cable, I have to fork over the money. It's added up to a lot of money for me"

Drone nearly hits medical helicopter taking patient to hospital

"Definitely alarming to have something that close to you in an aircraft"

Resident guns down intruder team

One fleeing in vehicle forced to stop in middle of the road

California fears falling yuan

"The No. 1 spender in Southern California for the tourism industry. If depreciation continues it will become more expensive for Chinese tourists to come and spend money in Southern California"

Drunkard on lawn mower cutting grass is collared

"Sparking blades in the roadway and falling into ditches"

Backing our way into an Iranian nuclear agreement

1. House and Senate will pass resolutions disapproving of deal
2. President Barack Obama will veto the resolutions
3. Deal sealed with support of 1/3 of Congress

Philadelphia asking Comcast for free wi-fi in jails

Also low-cost or no-cost service in homeless shelters

Zumiez a target of global insider-trading ring

Hackers stole more than 100,000 media releases before publication

Trump, 69, vows to muscle out hecklers

"I don't know if I'll do the fighting myself or if other people will"

NFL Draft back to Chicago

Direct economic impact pegged at nearly $44 million

NFL Hall of Fame Game outdraws Stanley Cup Game 6

9.7 million viewers vs. 8 million viewers

Yuan takes bite out of stocks

"Interpretation that the U.S. dollar is going to further strengthen against the Chinese yuan and be a further headwind against U.S. multinationals"

Alphabet wordsmiths: Weak grammar in Larry Page, 42, post

"I feel very fortunate to have someone as talented as he is to run the slightly slimmed down Google and this frees up time for me to continue to scale our aspirations"

Anchor sick of Kardashians walks off live broadcast

"I don't care about this family. I'm sick of this family. It's a nonstory!"

American expat lawyer, 70, slain in Venezuela; girlfriend injured

AP: Second most violent country in the world after Honduras, according to U.N. ... wealthy live in fortress-like compounds with security guards and surveillance systems
Son: "He was happy in Venezuela despite everything, and he enjoyed it until the last minute"

Cement hurled at bicyclists in spree of ‘random’ attacks

White Bronco spotted driving away from the scene

First responder, 42, accused of stealing from crash victim

Allegedly admitted taking $120 from wallet to pay electricity bill

Cops: Man in clown costume swings ax at woman

She removed mask, recognized him as acquaintance

At it again: Britain accuses Spain of Gibraltar violation

AP: "Latest in a long line of disputes between Spain and Britain over the territory, which the Royal Navy uses as naval base and whose population numbers about 30,000 people. Spain ceded sovereignty of Gibraltar to Britain in the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713, but has persistently sought its return"

Died: Frank Gifford, 84, overcame ‘Grapes of Wrath’-like upbringing

"Growing up in Depression-era California, Gifford estimated he moved 47 times before entering high school, occasionally sleeping in parks or the family car and eating dog food"

Man, 22, gets year for printing fake money in casino hotel room

2 counterfeit $100 bills, 10 uncut sheets of $100 bills printed on only 1 side

Joe Girardi, 50, offers advice on throwing back home-run balls

"I know it's kind of tradition to throw it back, but at least aim away from the players if you're going to do it, please"

24 million watch debate

5 p.m. Eastern debate draws 6.1 million total, 1.2 million 25-54

David Stockman, 68: ‘Pretty obvious that the top is in’ stocks

"It's just waiting for the knee-jerk bulls, robo traders and dip buyers to finally capitulate"
"The Strategy Session," July 28, 2011: "This is very grim. I think, uh, we're borderline game over. The problem is not the ceiling, it's the debt"

Larry Kudlow: Trump, 69, argument ‘not presidential’

"Donald w/in law, but sounds rigged. Not Presidential"
Not ready for prime time: Fiorina leaves talking points on hotel printer
CNBCfix review: Debate made no case for change, but Hillary still likely can't win

Chuck Schumer, 64, to vote against Iran deal

"I believe Iran will not change, and under this agreement it will be able to achieve its dual goals of eliminating sanctions while ultimately retaining its nuclear and non-nuclear power"

John McAfee, 69, arrested for DUI in Tennessee

"I was impaired, I must admit"

After ‘Fare Thee Well,’ Grateful Dead, 50, sort of returning

"Those songs weren't done with us. It was a matter of who wanted to get back out on the road and keep doing it"

Gasparino tells unfollowing heckler where they can meet

GFY now u can un follow me and if u want ill be in delfriscos in 5 where i can say it to your face"
On debate: "i have to admit the ONLY reason im watching this debate is because of @realDonaldTrump"

Lamppost corroded by urine falls, narrowly misses driver

"We encourage people and dogs alike to do their business in other places, like a proper restroom or one of our fire hydrants, which are stronger and made out of cast iron"

Zach Karabell: Big business, Hillary lining up together

"Many business leaders, and perhaps all, have soured on Washington. They have seen Republicans in the House kill the Export-Import Bank, and they have seen no one in Washington address a tax-code that encourages companies to park profits offshore"

Beach Boy, 73, says writing Manilow hit among career highlights

"Winning a Grammy Award for writing that song is one of the best moments of my career and my life. I actually came up with that song while I was driving in my Porsche ... I was on my way to the Valley, so I got off the freeway and headed back to my home in Brentwood to write the song"

Less than 30% of Hollywood characters nonwhite since 2007

Just 30.2% female

CVS will no longer cover Viagra

"This does not impact availability of the drug in our CVS/pharmacy stores"

‘Active’ meth lab in Taco Bell

Told cops he makes it for personal use, which he uses to "stay high all the time"

CNBC’s Robert Frank finds a fox from Miami realty scene

Senada Adzem Bernard of Douglas Elliman says properties are hot

Died: Arnold Scaasi, 85, made Streisand’s 1969 Oscar gown

"We have to do something very modern — really of today"

Cheryl Boone Isaacs re-elected chief of Oscars Academy

First African-American, 3rd woman president of 88-year-old organization

Iger, 64, denies WSJ tally of cord-cutting ESPN subscribers

Calls decline "modest"

Died: Mel Farr, 70, Detroit Lions great, car dealer

AP: "Spiraling cost of thousands of loans to bad-credit customers, lawsuits and overexpansion helped lead to the end of his business empire"

Died: Vincent Marotta, 91, co-founded Mr. Coffee

Persuaded DiMaggio, who only drank decaf, to be frontman


"Apple has just broken trend ... We're losing Apple"

Birinyi: 3,200 S&P possible by 2017

"What we're really trying to tell people is stay with it"

Worldwide Exchange flop: Birthday wishes for Obama, 54

Carolin Roth: "A lot of correspondence, some of that very heated, because one viewer had actually suggested a 3rd term. We read that out, some of the viewers were very, very upset about those comments and I just want to clarify here, we're not pro-Obama, we're not against Obama, we're apolitical on the show"

Amazon Studios chief, 48, ‘unprepared,’ ‘evasive’ at panel

"If someone told me, 'Netflix is doing a show about a fire department or something,' then, like, I don't know. What we do with that information? Like, nothing"

‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ writer sued by ex-manager

"Deja Vu" script sold for $5 million, considered largest screenplay sale ever

Man, 30, on tracks run over by train, goes back to sleep

Awakened by conductor, dozed off

Taser-like device vs. pool cue in massive bar brawl

3 arrests; criminal charges pending

Armed robbery in Wal-Mart parking lot foiled with a shove

Ran to another vehicle, drove from the scene

Died: Lynn Anderson, 67, life was a country music song

The good: Welk regular, Grammy, female vocalist of 1971 for "Rose Garden"
The bad: Boyfriend granted restraining order; DUI charge
The ugly: Accused of stealing Harry Potter DVD at supermarket

Mt. Gox chief, 30, arrested

Suspected of accessing exchange's computer system, inflating his account

Worker pulled into wood chipper, dies

No foul play is suspected

Peter Travers fighting demotion at Rolling Stone

"He was told that, either way, he has to be out of his office next week"

Windows 10 on 14 million devices after 1st day

Goal of 1 billion

Tippi Hedren, 85: Lion killing ‘affected me personally’

"We have reached a time in our world where we are all aware of the fact that within not too many years, there won't be any wild animals anymore. And it's partly because of the Great White Hunter"

Motley Crue fans had to wait 2 hours for show

Nikki Sixx: "Sorry for the delay. This building did 'not' have their act together today. We will have 100 (percent) of our show later"
Arena: "My information isn't in agreement with his, but I don't have any more detail as to why he would say that. My understanding is that the delay was on their end"

Tom Cruise-Matt Lauer showdown was 10 years ago

"Have the whispers abated? Are we acknowledging mental health issues more openly in 2015? Yes and no"

Barbecue sued over excessive smoke

City Council member backs off proposed "smoke scrubber" requirement

Steelers’ backup QB hopeful, 24, is notable movie fan

"Bro, I'm like a big movie connoisseur. Like, I wanted to come out with this blog called 'Taj's 10s.' I go to the movies twice a week, and then my collection is pretty serious"

Agent: Brady, 37, wanted iPhone 6 in March, ditched old phone

"We knew that from a newsworthiness standpoint, the general public might be easily fooled. But in the coming days — just like the Wells Report being picked apart after its issuance — the same thing happens with this"

Shell warns oil could ‘remain low for some time’

"Delivering a competitive performance in today's oil market downturn"

Greenspan, 89, says entitlement growth ‘extremely dangerous’

"How do we constrain this extraordinary rise"

Bundchen, 35, wears burqa disguise for plastic surgery in France

"This is a religious garment. It's not so you can hide when you're going for a doctor's appointment"

JCP worker sent home for wearing retailer’s shorts to work

"I bought them thinking they were pretty professional. They didn't show anything other than my legs, which I don't think is too provocative"

U.S. Steel CEO optimistic about 2nd half of 2015

"We are attacking every aspect of our cost structure"


"He provided one of the most cohesive explanations of Twitter's mission as well as challenges we've heard in a long time"
Previous CNBC bomb: "He took that interview a little too lightly"

Court fight is last hope to play opener vs. Steelers

"The competitor in you wants to see the best team out there, and why not beat Tom Brady in Gillette Stadium on a Thursday night game?"

Amazon proposing high-speed lane for delivery drones

"Maybe in 10 years, every home will have a drone, and every home will act as an airport"
NTSB staffer: "Eventually, there will probably be some kind of major UAS accident event"

Biz whiz, 26, thought CNBC offer was ‘standard telemarketing call’

"It took about 6 phone calls for me to realize there wasn't a catch"

Prince home in ‘Purple Rain’ for sale for $110,000

"Separate from his own Purple House, which was demolished a decade ago"

Lee Cooperman, 72: ‘The public is scared of equities’

"It's another reason to be optimistic because I don't know of any market top where the public was redeeming out of equity funds and putting money in fixed income products. I think it's all a residual of 2008"

Gaga, 29, gambles until 2 a.m. in Atlantic City

Played with $100 chips at craps table

Did Louisiana shooter
target feminist flick?

"Increasing speculation that the man was, in many respects, a misogynist"

Steve Jobs movie ‘centerpiece’ of N.Y. film fest

"Would have taken the whole thing very much in his stride"

U-turn: Dennis Gartman urges caution on equities

"2 [or] 3 weeks ago I was quite bullish on stocks. [But] now I see a lot of reasons to be at best neutral on stocks here in the United States and even slightly bearish of them"

‘Jaws’ poster featured NYC model-turned-philanthropist

Paid $35 to pose: "If you know me, you can tell it's me. But I think everyone assumed the girl swimming was the girl from the movie"

Joe Namath, 72, offers $100,000 reward for missing teen boaters

Neighbor of one of the boys

Burglar, 31, caught in co-worker’s home had bags of lingerie in car

Each labeled with a woman's name

Judd Apatow, 47: ‘We need to find a way to do better’

"One of the reasons we make these movies is because the world can be so horrifying and we all need to laugh just to deal with it. So to have this happen in a room where people were smiling and laughing devastates me. My thoughts and love go out to the victims and anyone touched by this madness or any madness"

Now world’s 5th-wealthiest

"The growth has been fueled by Prime growth and selection growth"
A first: Company discloses Washington state head count of 24,000

3 concerts, $30 million

"Concerts were streamed more than 400,000 times by cable, satellite and online viewers, broadcast producer Live Alliance told Billboard. That’s the largest syndication of a live music event in history"

180 Nebraska inmates collected jobless benefits

"We're hoping word will spread far and wide that the game is over"

Report: Mitsubishi to close Illinois car plant

Made 69,178 vehicles last year, down from peak of more than 200,000

$1.3 billion to Nikkei

"It was an offer they couldn't refuse"

‘Silence’ at NFLPA offer

Quarterback will take fine, not a suspension

Bucket truck workers bumped by cement truck

1 injured; the other not

Thug carjacks valet watching over Porsche Carrera

Showed semiautomatic handgun

6 movies this century make BBC Top 100 American films list

"Marnie" at 47: "It's far closer to Hitch's worst than to his best"
No. 98: "Heaven's Gate"
No. 60: "Blue Velvet"
No. 53: "Grey Gardens"
No. 31: "A Woman Under the Influence"
No. 21: "Mulholland Drive"


"As we said in the past, we do not plan to disclose Apple Watch metrics because we don't intend to provide insight that could help our competitors"
Tim Cook: "Our June sales were higher than April or May. I realize that's very different than some of what is being written, but June sales were the highest"

Man, 19, driving 100 mph to casino sans seat belt dies in rollover

Passengers restrained, did not require treatment

Roger Goodell, 56, still feels ties to Washington, Pa.

Possible Pittsburgh bid for 2023 Super Bowl: "The decision's made by the ownership and, at some point, in time we'll address it"

Man, 30, on LSD at Widespread Panic concert hogtied by cops, dies

D.A. says heart problems likely to blame

Lightning zaps 2 police cruisers on roadway

In separate vehicles at construction site

Alleged bank robber, 25, caught block from heist

Had several outstanding warrants

Mitsubishi apologizes for forced labor of POWs during WWII

"Japan and its constituents have come a long way, both economically and politically, since that distasteful era which has shadowed that nation for over 70 years. It was time to bring that era to an appropriate ending"

The $120 million bogey?

UA stock fell a grand 68 cents after 17th hole

NFL revenue climbs 21% in a year

Each team gets $226.4 million

ACC football media guide has an NSFW phrase on page 145


Retirement home celebrates law allowing alcohol

"It recognizes this is our home"

Prof regrets tweeting complaints about UW academic freedom

AP: "She has acknowledged searching Twitter for future Badgers and says she wanted to inform them of changes to faculty tenure and shared governance. She has also tweeted that there are similarities between Gov. Scott Walker and Adolf Hitler, drawing the ire of conservatives"

Maine passersby vulnerable to reality-TV appearance

Paper: "Signs posted around the hotel cautioned passersby that 'Hotel Impossible' is shooting in the area and that anyone’s presence in the area would be deemed consent to be recorded for the show"

Dunkin’ Donuts announces 9 locations in SF Bay Area

Plan to establish 275 shops in Calfornia over several years; 1,000 over long term

‘Breaking Bad’ actor, 52, running for office in N.M.

Already a member of the Albuquerque school board

Died: Alex Rocco, 79, Italian played Moe Green in ‘Godfather’

"When I got the part, I went in to Francis Ford Coppola, and in those days, the word was, 'Read the book,' which I already did, and then the actor would suggest to him which part they would like. Well, I went for ... I dunno, one of the Italian parts. Maybe the Richard Bright part. But Coppola goes, 'I got my Jew!' And I went, 'Oh no, Mr. Coppola, I'm Italian. I wouldn't know how to play a Jew.' And he goes, 'Oh, shut up.' He says, 'The Italians do this,' and he punches his fingers up. 'And the Jews do this,' and his hand's extended, the palm flat. Greatest piece of direction I ever got. I've been playing Jews ever since. And people on the golf course will say, 'Hey, Alex, would you call my dad and leave a line from The Godfather?' I say, 'OK. "I buy you out, you don't buy me out!" ... But I enjoy doing it. It's fun. I've been leaving Moe Greene messages for 40 years"
Other roles: Played Jo's dad on "The Facts of Life"

Marcus Lemonis overhauled car buyer that lost lease in 2 years

CNBCfix review: Updates show "The Profit" should really be called "The Spend"

Brad Katsuyama struggles to identify the problem

CNBCfix review: Exchange upstart says his computer tells him 100,000 shares of XYZ are available, but they weren't all available from the same source

Man, 21, drowns in pool owned by Demi Moore, 52

Actress not home at the time

Lloyd Blankfein, 60, billionaire

"Owns 2.24 million shares of Goldman Sachs valued at $472 million based on Thursday’s closing price. He also has 536,582 exercisable options worth about $5 million, according to company filings"

CNBC hosting 3rd GOP debate

Hoffman: "Presidential elections are often won or lost based on core economic positions, understandings and values. Our nation's economy and place in the world, job growth, entrepreneurship and the pursuit of the American dream live at the very center of CNBC's mission each day and will be the centerpiece of our line of focused questioning at this debate"

Maine stores struggle to meet demand for alcoholic root beer

"It is unbelievable. I don't think I’ve seen anything like this. People are coming in and buying it by the case"

Knucklehead rear-ends stopped Google self-driving car

Company vehicles "are being hit surprisingly often" by distracted drivers

Hollywood shrugged at AMZN’s bid to enter NFLX turf

Jill Soloway convinced: "It was my last choice ... They don't want anything anybody else has. They want stuff that really f—--- up the status quo"

Reports: U.S. fears China bugs in Waldorf Astoria

President in town for fundraiser and Broadway show

LAX gives Uber green light

"Want to give LAX passengers the same options that they have throughout our city"

Fatal hit-run of bicyclist, 25, by UAL staffer, 54, in company car

"Police learned the vehicle involved in the crash was a company car for United Airlines, and they traced it to the airline’s facility in the 1200 block of East Algonquin Road"

Man, 61, arrested after guards of Mark Zuckerberg, 31, harassed

Friend: "Gordon doesn't have any malice in his body. No one's ever heard of a 1,500-foot restraining order ever. Even for battery or domestic violence cases, it's only a few hundred feet"

CNBC’s Carolin Roth in black

Handling of Icahn Twitter account proves amusing

Cop just hired by Target hands out $50 gift cards to strangers

"I am just looking for anyone that may be coming in with kids and surprise them with an extra $50 to get some groceries"

‘Suite: Judy Blue Eyes’ is highlight of Stephen Stills, 70, show

"The audience 'Aw!'-ed their disappointment during the first set when Stills turned away an electric guitar handed to him by mistake, opting instead to switch acoustic guitars, though his second set provided all the electricity anyone might have yearned for"

Netflix climbs 10% afterhours on earnings report

90% of users see original content; "another indicator we are on the right path"

Outage disrupts Microsoft email service

"A higher than average number of customers"

Rolling Stones exhibition a ‘madhouse’

"Tech CEO" offers $80,000 for one of the band’s Grammys


"As much as anything, Bonds likely didn't make the trip out to the mound with the other 'greatest living ballplayers' because he's not old enough. Baseball thrives on nostalgia, and fans love the notion that the players were better in the good ol’ days of their youth"

Died: Michael Masser, 74, ex-stockbroker wrote pop music megahits

"I was working as a stockbroker in New York and had the seemingly perfect life. But I was unhappy, and someone I knew convinced me to see a shrink. I walked in and told the doctor I wanted to write music. He said, 'What's the problem with that?' I told him that didn't go over well in my family. He listened, took my money and said: 'Here's a note of permission to write music. That's all you need to clear your conscience'. And it's funny, because that's all I was looking for: permission"

TWTR spikes on phony report

Registered on Friday by an individual who listed an address in Panama

Pop culture bust: Led Zep 30 years ago at Live Aid

"It was horrendous. Emotionally, I was eating every word that I had uttered"
Phil Collins nearly walked out: "It became a Led Zeppelin reunion. I turned up and I was a square peg in a round hole. Robert was happy to see me, but Jimmy wasn’t"

Einhorn, 46: Netflix looks considerably overvalued

"Apparently Red Ink is the New Black"

Cops investigating loud boom during John Deere Classic

Zach Johnson: "I don't know if it was a backfire from a boat or firecracker or what. It sounded like a gunshot obviously"

Ray Fosse, 68, still feels effect from Pete Rose’s hit

"The thing that really bothers me, and that's been ongoing for my kids, our kids, Pete always said, 'Ray and I were out till 4 o'clock in the morning.' It's like he's always forgotten the real situation that there were 6 of us there, including all of our wives. We had dinner and he said, 'All I want to talk about is Johnny Bench,' which obviously we did because he was my contemporary in the National League"

‘Valuable Greek assets’ part of privatization fund

"I think the thing that makes it work, is what they are not asking for is a fire sale of Greek state-owned companies. ... They are transferring companies or bits of them into the fund and they are going to run those companies for profit and run those companies in a way that delivers maximum return possible"

Why are advertisers shunning Reddit?

"I can't remember the last time a marketer mentioned Reddit to me"

Letter critical of tattoos at pool draws ‘avalanche’ of response

"It breaks my heart that the spreading of hate and discrimination can be a cornerstone for a local newspaper"

Died: D’Army Bailey, 73, helped turn MLK motel site into museum

"He was truly a Renaissance man. Scholar, author, actor, activist, city councilor, jurist, husband and father. Well done. You will be missed"

Byron Wien: ‘The next recession is years away’

"I went to Harvard, and it changed my life"

Sports radio jock: Thankfully, Dead are gone, not enough top 40

"From the second I heard that Dead (sic) were going to play a (sic) 3 farewell concerts in Soldier Field, I knew the Freak Show was on its way. My only hope was to stay as far away as possible from them, something I was thankfully able to do ... The Grateful Dead simply didn't matter. They were never a part of top-40 radio that I can remember, and they had ample time to do so given their birth date in 1965. Now, I'm not saying that hit-making is the be-all, end-all in music, but it was the way of the world back then, especially because there weren't a million gadgets around to find music. ... And despite the passage of time, I've somehow managed to keep that simmering fire of distaste in my gut, even as their one and only top-10 single 'Touch of Grey' hit the charts in 1987. Whoop de doo"

Woman claims to have worn wire to record Subway’s Jared

"I was able to do it and I have fortitude to do it. That's the main reason I did this"

Marcus Lemonis muscles NASCAR off of Trump site

"I'm a big believer in people being able to say what they want to say. But when freedom of speech and business cross, then the person you're doing business with has a right to choose who they do business with"
Editing: Camping World CEO's letter misspells "camaraderie"

Died: Ken Stabler, 69, Raiders Super Bowl quarterback

"He passed peacefully surrounded by the people he loved most, including his 3 daughters and longtime partner, as some of his favorite songs played in the background, such as Lynyrd Skynyrd's 'Sweet Home Alabama' and Van Morrison's 'Leaves Falling Down'"
Madden mistake: "I was head coach of the Raiders the entire time Kenny was there"

Died: Irwin Keyes, 63, bodyguard on ‘The Jeffersons’

"Most of us grew up with him and didn’t even know it"

Barron’s views CNBC NYSE explanation with skepticism

"Software rollout didn’t quite get coded the way it was supposed to get coded. This is an egregious example of how software can be not quite coded properly and cause big problems"

CNBC World airing Sunday night EU Summit special

Michelle Caruso-Cabrera in Athens; Steve Liesman in Berlin

Woman, 41, blasted neighbor with loud workout music: cops

Paper: "Upon entering the home, deputies discovered the sound system, including three low-frequency speakers mounted to a board and placed face-down on the floor in the living room, hallway and closet. The face-down speakers were also weighted down by dumbbells and cinder blocks. ... 'A Blackberry tablet wired to the amplifier played a "workout mp3" on a loop that produced a noise that sounded something like a bass-clicking noise that can vibrate a room,' the deputy wrote in the arrest warrant"

Disney Epcot Center display removes Confederate flag

Also took down Bill Cosby statue at Hollywood Studios theme park

Dick Fuld, 69, auctioning Sun Valley ranch for $50 mil.

"They're just not spending as much time there anymore"

Bill Murray, 64, attends pro-am, endures ‘Caddyshack 2’ jokes

"My caddie/driver/bodyguard went under the ropes. We cleared the ropes in the cart, but the golf clubs did not, and they sort of boomeranged and whipped. It could have been a decapitation, but, instead, we’re just happy to be here having some bottled water"

Seema Mody has fist-pumping outfit on ‘Worldwide Exchange’

Futures, everything else looking up
Landon Dowdy: "Problem, uh, for Alcoa is global-rolled products business which makes sh-t (sic), sheet metal for the auto sector"


Gasparino: "You heard it here on @FoxBusiness the nyse historian says outage at the @NYSE questions whether we need a nyse since stks traded as usual"

Driver, 61, denies running bicyclists off the road

"He was using his car as a weapon"
Booking: Had to post his driver's license to be released

Jerry Brown, 77, decries ‘troglodytes’ who deny climate change

"We have to redesign our cities, our homes, our cars, our electrical generation, our grids — all those things. And it can be done with intelligence. We can get more value from less material"

Taco Bell delivery service: 40 minutes for chicken burrito

"idk if I can trust u"

Knucklehead, 30, dies igniting firework on chest

Sad: "He was the light of many people's lives and the world to the people that knew him, and he would give the world to any that asked"

Died: Blaine Gibson, 97, animator, sculptor at Disney

Day before he died, he watched "101 Dalmatians"

Over $55 million in 2 weekends

"Final tally was about 212,000 paid attendance ... an average ticket price of about $120"

Woman, 74, guiding RV into parking space is struck, killed by it

"I was yelling and freaking out"

College QB forgoes 2 years of eligibility for MBA program

"I'm moving on to the next chapter. I'm excited about it"

Subway’s Jared Fogle, 37, said to be worth $15 million

Home raided

Died: Jerry Weintraub, 77, film mogul discovered John Denver

Self made: Mailroom hire of William Morris Agency landed at MCA
Denver: Noticed at small Greenwich Village nightclub; overwhelmed by easy manner, "He would be a test case for all my theories on selling and packaging, for everything I had learned since I left home"
Movies: Didn't understand "Nashville" script, but "Altman did, and it was Altman who was going to make the movie"
"Karate Kid" remake: "Questioned it 150,000 times" before backing

Just 2 Chicago pot tickets in 3 days of Grateful Dead concerts

"CPD's primary focus was on fighting violent crime and addressing the illegal guns that threaten our communities"

Republican bigwig, 43, mulls petition banning Trump from debates

"Someone in the party ought to start some sort of petition saying, 'If Trump's going to be on the stage, I'm not going to be on there with him'. I'm toying with the idea of it"

Obama, 53, admits U.S. lagging against small-time terror misfits

"We're gonna have to pick up our game to prevent these attacks"

U.S. Soccer actually floats thug Hope Solo, 33, for $1 bill

"How about the best Women's Player and Goalkeeper in the World"

El-Erian, 56: ‘High probability’ of a Grexit

"What's happening on the ground means the situation is slipping out of the control of the politicians. I don't think that's being factored in enough"
Feldstein, 75: Favors "leave of absence" from the euro

Thugs rob SF TV crew, point gun at cameraman

"OK, looks like there’s some type of incident going on with Cara Liu out there. Not exactly sure what is going on. ... Let’s try to get more information on what’s going on with Cara. Hopefully, she’s doing OK, first off"

Columnist recalls when ‘the Germans starved Athens’

"Starving the city as people literally dropped dead in the streets and were left there ... I worry about my country, America, where useful idiots and schemers tell the people that what is happening over there could never, ever happen here ..."
Programming note: If you get the paywall, just type the headline in Google

Signed Grateful Dead guitar goes for $526,000

Played by Bob Weir before its purchase

Gasparino fends off critic accusing him of rumor-mongering

Charlie: "from my i banking source on why $TWTR wont be sold to $FB: 'Zuck wld face a shareholder revolt for paying up for asset he doesnt need'"
Critic: "Irresponsible to start the rumor and equally to say your banker friend rejects the notion' way to hedge it either way tho. Kudos"
Charlie: "tough luck pal i reported $twtr is open for a sale @Recode reported FB is interested and now i give u the other side"

Grateful Dead, 50, smash Soldier Field ticket record

70,764 breaks 67,936 sold for U2's 360 Tour in 2009

Steve Liesman, Bill Walton, hosting Dead’s pay-per-view

3 concerts, short documentary, interviews ...

Died: Nicholas Winton, 106, ‘Britain’s Schindler’

Associated Press: "While some in Britain were working to get Jewish intellectuals and communists out of Czechoslovakia, no one was trying to save the children — so Winton took that task upon himself"

Bill Griffeth: Sara and I didn’t coordinate purple attire

Bill: "This was not planned. Yes, we match, but it was nothing"
Sara: "We're just so in synch. We don't even have to tell each other"

9/11 hero, 63, wins $5 million lottery

"I didn't sleep for 2 days after it happened. My mind went totally blank"

Debbie Harry, now 70

Punk's princess"

Stephen King, 67, joins call for Maine gov’s resignation

"Has become a terrible embarrassment to the state I live in and love"

TV Land dumps ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’

Had been airing twice a day

17,000 pack Hollywood Bowl to see ‘Back to the Future’

L.A. Philharmonic performs score

Cook County Board president, 68, passing up Grateful Dead

"I am not a Grateful Dead fan"

Jeb Bush, 62, tries to win voters on transparency

"I made less than Chelsea Clinton"

‘Gambling client’

Not under any kind of investigation

Marcus Lemonis finds plenty of business for new project

CNBCfix review: Better have a plan for Camping World, or prepare for scolding

Former CNBC exec Bill Bolster, 71, makes Hall of Fame

"The two things that have meant the most to me are giving the commencement and receiving an honorary doctorate at Loras College, and the Iowa Broadcasters Hall of Fame. Because Iowa defined who I was"

2 homes burglarized as residents sleep

Cash taken in both cases

Robert Redford, 78: ‘Save the world before it’s too late’

"Everywhere we look, moderate weather seems to be going extinct"

Man in wheelchair, 20s, robs Queens bank, gets away

Received over $3,500, no dye pack, even helicopters couldn't track

Business Insider CMG headline not really matched by story

Apparently at least one person tweeted criticism

Super Bowl guest on ‘Halftime Report’ watched Carleton Sheets

"I was making more money in real estate than football"

Jeb Bush, 62, says he removed Confederate flag from Fla. capitol

"Racist symbol" in "recent, modern times," though "not perhaps at the beginning"

Gaga, 29, appears to be doing effective ab work

Apparently confuses Chicago festivals — or maybe not

Company that raises GOP cash closes 3rd call center

"Unforeseen circumstances;" 153 jobs lost

Ex-FSU Chief Osceola, 33, slashed to death in gumbo-spice fight

Paper: "According to police reports the 2 men were arguing over the amount of spice to put into Buddy's Seafood Market gumbo Tuesday where the two men worked. Thompson armed himself with a wooden board and Halley with a small wooden knife. Thompson then retreated and returned with a knife"

Greece wipes out Dow, S&P 500 gains for year

"It should be a reasonably isolated situation but we don't know that for sure"

NBC dumps Trump, 69, over immigrant comments

"Whatever they want to do is OK with me"
The comment: Mexicans "bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they’re rapists and some, I assume, are good people"

Man, 47, dies when firework held to head explodes

Alcohol deemed factor; might not have realized object was lit


Flat: "Through the three and a half-hour, two-act concert, the colorfully clad crowd danced in the aisles or at their seats, cheered outstanding musical passages, sang along, waved their arms, and generally created a lively, festive atmosphere that was not matched by the performance onstage. If there was any sentimentality over the celebration of a golden anniversary and the passing of an era, it was only found in the audience"
Long strange ticket odyssey: "The happy energy was everywhere, including among those who walked around holding up a single digit, a Deadhead signal for needing a 'miracle,' which means needing a ticket, usually free. ... But not that many miracles were needed because a ticket with a face value of $200 could be had for as little as $39 on StubHub in recent days. The assumption is that speculators scooped them up in anticipation of a healthy aftermarket that did not materialize. There were 80 pages of available tickets on StubHub and though the concerts were a sellout, they were a soft sellout"

Fear of ban boosts sales of ‘Gone With the Wind’

"It seems a lot of people who ran to Amazon's virtual store are actually afraid that the film will be banned or pulled from circulation due to my column. And they haven't been shy about telling me about this concern in dozens of angry tweets and emails, no matter how many times I have tried to correct this erroneous impression on social media"

Man rents backyard tent in Silicon Valley for $900 a month

"Maybe they should build more affordable housing in Mountain View"

Theater mistakenly shows horror film instead of ‘Inside Out’

Mom: "I got our money back but the damage is already done ... my children are terrified and keep asking questions"

Loeb, 53, deletes Hillary gag that ended up on his Facebook page

"This widely circulated, old meme ended up on my Facebook page inadvertently and as soon as I was informed of it, I took it down. As a longstanding public supporter of gay and women's rights, it does not represent my views"

Citing Ben Affleck, 42, PBS suspends ‘Finding Your Roots’

Demands "independent genealogist" to review the show's contents

Icahn, 79, began selling ‘much of the stake’ in NFLX in late 2013

"Learned that when you are lucky and/or smart enough to have made a total return of 457% in only 14 months it is time to take some of the chips off the table"

Channing Tatum, 35, excited to meet Maria Bartiromo

"He was heard telling his entourage, 'Oh, the Money Honey is here?'"

Big bar fight brings charges against 8 people

"It included patrons hit with pool cues, an aluminum baseball bat, billiard balls, bar stools, glass beer mugs, bare knuckles and feet"

Oscars evicted from NYC screening room

"They're in the moving process now. They're trying to find a new home"

NYC: Whole Foods committed ‘worst case of overcharges’

Company: "Never intentionally used deceptive practices to incorrectly charge customers"

Died: Dick Van Patten, 86, Broadway, prime-time great

"He was the kindest man you could ever meet in life. A loving family man. They don't make them like him anymore"
Willie Aames: "I remember he'd tell us often before shooting a scene, he’d have that smile on the face — 'I want you all to look around and remember this time. These are the good old days. These are great days. So enjoy them.' He was the leader of our show"

CNBCfix review: Marcus Lemonis gives business curious mural

The chairs are mid-priced but the drama's cheap in Grafton Furniture overhaul

‘Seinfeld’ apartment going on public display

Soup Nazi: "I don't have anything, not even a piece of my own stuff"

Hollywood great James Horner, 61, dies in small-plane crash

"We have lost an amazing person with a huge heart and unbelievable talent. He died doing what he loved. Thank you for all your support and love and see you down the road"

Taxi drivers picket visit by SF mayor, 63, to Uber HQ

"Akin to the exploitative practices of the railroad barons of the 1850s, 60s"

Omaha native’s bedroom Beatles mural in peril after 38 years

"As goofy as this sounds, I remember very clearly being in L.A. in 1968, and my parents took us to an exhibit at the L.A. County Museum of Art. I remember seeing a Warhol and a Lichtenstein. When you see comic-book imagery and Campbell’s soup cans, it resonates"
Realtor's advice: "It's a distraction. In today's market, most people want a house that's done"

Sharon Epperson: 401(k) millionaires most memorable story ever

"You do not have to make a million dollars to retire with a million dollars"

Fla. mansion of Lou Holtz, 78, burned by lightning strike

Took 60 firefighters, 26 vehicles to extinguish

Young Anakin, Jake Lloyd, 26, allegedly led cops on chase

Gave name as Jake Broadbent; played pre-Jedi in "Phantom Menace"
Claimed role made childhood "hellish" because it led to bullying

Wife, 56, of Israeli interior minister apologizes for joke

"Do u know what Obama Coffee is? Black and weak"
Regret: "President Obama I shouldnt have written the inappropriate joke I heard. I like people no matter about their race and religion ... Sorry if I caused any offence to anyone. I hope I will stay married when my husband will land and hear what I did"

Apple caves to Taylor Swift, 25

"When I woke up this morning and I saw Taylor's note that she had written, it really solidified that we needed to make a change"

Died: Danny Villanueva, 77, kicker in Ice Bowl gave school millions

"An outstanding Aggie, a great football player and a generous philanthropist. He came from a small town in New Mexico and rose to become a very successful entrepreneur in both television and real estate" … "Danny will live on forever in our hearts and throughout our campus. We are a better university because of him, and that will never be forgotten"
"El Kickador": Last game was 1967 NFL Championship loss to Green Bay

Died: Ralph Roberts, 95, built Comcast into cable giant

"He remade the cable industry. When he started, it was a bunch of mom and pop businesses. He's shown that you can take that idea and transition it to a worldwide media business. The NBC thing will be his legacy"

2% by end of 2016?

JPM economist: Could be hike "every other meeting perhaps"

Carolin Roth in red on ‘Worldwide Exchange’

Seema Mody says she doesn't have FitBit

Buddhist monk, 66, stabbed by fellow monk in Oakland

"Was not dealing with his full faculties, from looking at the person"

Members carry guns to Minneapolis church

"We have to be aware that people don't discriminate. Even if a sign says 'don't bring guns or guns are banned' criminals are not going to follow the law. That is why they are called criminals"

Fresno State gets $4.9 million from Mountain West conference

Will help cover budget; $970,000 went to cover Hawaii Bowl expenses

Died: Nelson Doubleday Jr., 81, bought Mets in 1980 for $21 mil.

Turned around "entrenched" last-place franchise, profitable in 4 years
Bought out by Wilpon in 2002 for $135 million in public feud over valuation

Died: Jimmy Lee, 62, giant of Wall Street dealmaking

Colorful character known for calling clients at all hours and signing emails "your pal"
NYT: "Had Tom Brady, the quarterback of the New England Patriots, call Mr. Dimon to cheer him up and tell him to 'hang in there'"
Dimon: "An incomparable force of nature"
Schwarzman: "Jimmy was my closest friend in finance. It's hard to explain. He always gave someone the sense — and it was true — that he cared desperately about you"
Regrets ... or not: "In his top desk drawer, he kept a copy of the term sheet to become the No. 2 at Blackstone"

Mexico slams agenda of Trump, 69

"I think what he did is generate controversy, but not a plan"
Announcement: Campaign apparently paid actors $50 to cheer

Radio host suspended, linked hot weatherwoman to Blackhawks

Several people come to Cheryl Scott’s defense, including co-worker Jerry Taft

California ruling: Uber driver is employee, not contractor

"Assuming it’s upheld on appeal, it may be more than influential"

Goldman Sachs demands interns go home by midnight

"We'll make further changes when we identify areas we can improve"

Neil Young, 69, slams Trump, 69, over ‘Rockin’ In The Free World’

"Donald Trump was not authorized to use 'Rockin' In The Free World’ in his presidential candidacy announcement. Neil Young, a Canadian citizen, is a supporter of Bernie Sanders for President of the United States of America"

South Bend mayor, 33, comes out as gay in newspaper editorial

Notre Dame president "grateful to Mayor Buttigieg for his admirably honest, thoughtful and very personal statement, and endorse his call that we find a way to address difficult and often divisive issues together and without acrimony"

Died: Kirk Kerkorian, 98, humble, controversial Vegas mogul

Born: Fresno, 1917, Armenian immigrant parents from Ottoman Empire
Mother: Told teen son she attempted abortion
Tough: 29 wins as youth boxer; gained pilot's license
Schooling: 8th-grade dropout, left stigma for life
Pastimes: Going with the masses to the movies at local theaters

Keith Hernandez, 61, gets $3,000 a year in ‘Seinfeld’ royalties

"So you can imagine what Jerry gets. The principal actors, what they get"

Man, 68, hits 29 straight years attending College World Series

"Most embarrassing thing he’s done to try to buy a cheaper ticket: 'I listened to a book on tape about how to negotiate,' he says sheepishly. Did it work? 'Not really'"

Why don’t U.S. mayors gather to craft national Uber ordinance?

Vermont: "City Attorney Eileen Blackwood said regulation of rideshare businesses such as Uber is difficult because they differ in many ways from traditional cab companies. 'Technically, they're not even the same thing,' Blackwood said"
Illinois, same night: "The council, which will meet at 7 p.m. Monday in the council chambers of Uptown Station, also will consider an agreement with Bloomington regulating 'drivers for hire,' including Uber"

Motorcyclist, 22, charged in crash with cable-car operator

"Arrested nearby a short time later on suspicion of drunk driving"

Dwayne Johnson, 43, sideswipes car en route to movie set

Thanks truck owner for "being so cool about the whole thing"

Mandy Drury shows off leopard print to Pete Najarian

Guest host is all the buzz on "Fast Money"

Matthew McConaughey’s brother in new CNBC series

"Rooster and Butch, along with their close friend and confidant Gil Prather, invite ambitious entrepreneurs from across the country to come down to West Texas and make their case as Rooster and Butch believe in investing in people first, businesses second. The project, from The Ebersol Lanigan Company, stems from an idea Ebersol had a couple of years ago of a show about real investors, guys who 'wear boots not suits'"

Gen. David Petraeus, 62, touts elite schooling

Wall Street Week: "I think it helps a great deal. In part it is just the selection that takes place to get to an elite university"

Lots of diversity in projected Costolo successor list

Marissa seen as not a likely candidate

Died: Robert Chartoff, 81, produced ‘Rocky,’ ‘Raging Bull’

First "Rocky" cost $950,000: "I kind of believed we had something special. I never believed we would capture the whole world's imagination the way we did"

NYT writer: Twitter should focus on live events, may be ‘glorious’

His plan: "Say the NBA finals are heating up (which they are), and Twitter knows you like basketball. The app would send you a notification, tap to see the best tweets timed to the moment — with photos, videos, commentary and, of course, jokes all focused on that event"
Admits: "Tapping on NBA hashtags ... a messy experience ... lots of repetition ... boring tweets"

Stallone, 68, unable to get into Vogue offices with daughter

"Sly was a complete gentleman about it and didn’t make a scene. They waited, and when it became clear they couldn’t go up to the Vogue office, they left"

CNBC’s David Faber scoops News Corp. on Murdoch move

"This left the Wall Street Journal and New York Post twisting in the wind"

Dick’s done

Shares climb as much as 9%

Nobel winner, 72: Women cry when criticized, fall in love

"Light-hearted, ironic comment ... interpreted deadly seriously. I did mean the part about having trouble with girls. I have fallen in love with people in the lab and people in the lab have fallen in love with me and it's very disruptive to the science because it's terribly important that in a lab people are on a level playing field ... I'm really, really sorry I caused any offense, that's awful. I certainly didn't mean that. I just meant to be honest"

Next Grey book stolen

"Concerned the copy will be sold to media outlets or that it will be leaked online"

Alcohol sales at dubious restaurant cut off at 10:30 p.m.

Mayor: "At the end of the day, we want you to succeed, and you do have great food, but I haven't been bragging about it since I gave you the liquor license. And that is what is an issue and a problem here"

Carnival Cruise Line bans bottled beverages

Cracking down on "multiple issues" from alcohol smuggling

Writer: Why I’m breaking up with the Apple Watch

"I spend a lot of time in a world where products are shorthand for people, and I know too well the risks of having such semiology attached to myself"

Police skip Oakland protest

Paper: "Ended rather unceremoniously"

Grateful Dead promoter accused of greed by fans

"It's bad form. Let's take Phish, for example. I don't think they would do as well charging 150 or 200 dollars, but I think they could and still get away with it. But they don't. It just doesn't seem right"

Died: Mary Ellen Trainor, 62, appeared in legendary films

Met future husband Robert Zemeckis in 1979 while working on set of "1941"
"Forrest Gump," "Die Hard," "Lethal Weapon," "The Goonies," "Back to the Future Part II"

Female presence at Apple WWDC keynote falls short

it took nearly 40 minutes into the keynote for the first female speaker to be introduced

Man, 50, beaten up at Little Caesars after calling woman overweight

Paper: "She went to her car to get a crowbar, but before she could get in any blows, her son punched the man several times in the head, police said"

White House denies Obama, 53, made dollar comment

"The president did not state that the strong dollar was a problem"

Bill Walton, 62: 850 shows of the Dead, and counting

"I go for fun. But I also go to be healed, to think, to dream, to be inspired, and to see all my friends and family. I've been going for 48 years and these days, we have to wait a little bit longer in between the shows but there's five shows coming up. And I am convinced that if I yell, cheer, applaud and scream loud enough that just maybe, just maybe they'll come back for more"

Joe Montana, 58, calls Deflategate ‘no big deal’

Teams: "Everybody asks me if I am a 49ers fan or a Chiefs fan. I watch both of them and like both of them, but I grew up a Steelers fan. Once you are a Steelers fan, it is hard to get that out of your blood. I am also a big Roethlisberger fan. I really like Ben. He will be in that Hall of Fame someday"

AT&T’s Lily’s curves get noticed

Reader comment: "She got top and bottom! She's straight up gorgeous"

Lee Cooperman: Radical Islamic fundamentalism in top 2 concerns

Income disparity is other biggest problem facing Americans in next decade
Omitted: No mention of subpoena received by Omega Advisors

8 thugs at large after San Francisco home invasion

"2 men kept the 6 victims on the floor at gunpoint while the other 6 ransacked the house"

CNBC trounces MSNBC in daily demo viewers

Even worse in prime time

Industry guru slams CNBC advisor rankings

"9 out of 10 of CNBC’s 'Top Fee-Only' firms are not actually fee-only"

ABC improves ‘Oakland’ references in NBA Finals

"ESPN promised that 75% of the imagery featured in Game 1 would be of Oakland ... There were 11 Oakland images shown during the telecast ... 5 of those were of the Oracle Arena — blimp shots of a could-be-anywhere arena. 6 were of other, non-Larry Ellison-related places in Oakland"

PGA warns: Beware phony tickets to 2016 Ryder Cup

"There are outside groups that sell, hospitality and even go as far as saying it's on-site hospitality and we just want to make sure customers know what they're buying ... There's no guarantee that if I buy what we call from a pirate hospitality site, there's no guarantee that group is going to acquire tickets"

Marcus Lemonis: ‘I’m not here for television’

CNBCfix review: Host of "The Profit" delivers a whopper after initiating confab

San Francisco Giants bring political ‘base’ to Barack Obama, 53

Mays, Monte Irvin on hand

Pittsburgh columnist: Caitlyn, 65, is still a mister

"The image is no more — or less — a lie than any other magazine cover ... Have at it; whatever makes you feel pretty. Just know that, for every person cheering your courage, there are others wishing you were a bit more of a coward"
Olympics: IOC won't revoke gold medal

13 cans of whipping cream in SUV after woman’s 6th DUI

"They started sitting them on the car and they essentially ran out of room"

Ex-FBI agent, 44, accused of pocketing cash in drug raids

Paper: "He is accused of using the money to buy two new cars — a Dodge Challenger and a Scion FR-S — and outfit the vehicles with new equipment including speakers, rims and tires. He also spent $15,000 on cosmetic surgery for his wife and thousands more on a lavish Las Vegas vacation, according to the indictment"

Bond market rout

"For equities, the speed of the selloff has been a problem, and over a medium term bond yields higher are a good thing — they reflect inflation coming back, but it is a worry for now"

Golfer, 54, gets hole-in-one on 346-yard Par 4

"We learned that one of the guys in the foursome ahead of us was on the green putting, when suddenly my ball hit the fairway, rolled up, went across the green and right into the hole. I told the guy I was sorry my shot had hit into their foursome, but he said 'No, no, no! That was great to watch!'"

51-year-old Berkeley bookstore closing for good

"'I won't miss the sirens blasting by every day, or the people standing on the corner smoking cigarettes.' He added that, though the local buses are supposed to be 'clean energy,' the bus fumes that seeped into the store smelled bad too"

Newtown took Jenner name off high school stadium in 2001

"Officials felt slighted ... refused their request to help fund its renovation"
Prom date: "We danced close. We did kiss. He seemed to enjoy it"

Paulson, 59, gives Harvard $400 million

"There is nothing more important to improve humanity than education"

Bridgeport, Conn., ‘absolute worst’ city for summer travel

"The highest costs and hassles of getting there"
Mayoral reax: "Clearly has flawed methodology. But I also doubt the authors of this unfortunate study bothered to visit Bridgeport. As a city, we're not competing with West Palm Beach or Las Vegas for tourism dollars right now. Instead, we're competing and committed to making Bridgeport a city that works for everyone"

IRS may demand reporting $600 slot machine jackpots

AP: "The agency requires reporting on a single jackpot or win that's $1,200 or more for federal income-tax purposes. But it's floating the possibility of cutting that threshold in half"

Liz Warren, 65, rips Mary Jo White, 67, SEC tenure

"Extremely disappointing ... You have not been the strong leader that many hoped for — and that you promised to be"

VA denies WWII veteran, 99, admittance in California

Survived attack at Pearl Harbor, assault on Iwo Jima
"I was aboard a light cruiser. The USS Honolulu"

Seema Mody wows in mint green

Hears Wilfred Frost decry the existence of voicemail

Cramer settles with former neighbor before testifying

Paper: "Had invested 4.1 million from 2000 to 2003 in a real estate redevelopment firm called the Stone Foundation. Stone was to buy and redevelop properties to resell. ... However, the Cramers said Stone used the money for his own expenses and to buy three properties in Mexico"

GE warns Connecticut: Higher taxes may force us out

"Retroactively raising taxes again on Connecticut's residents, businesses and services makes businesses, including our own, and citizens seriously consider whether it makes any sense to continue to be located in this state"

Musk, 43: Incentives received because ‘voters’ want things fast

"The incentives that Telsa and SolarCity receive are a tiny, tiny, pittance compared to what the oil and gas industry receives every year"
L.A. Times response: "I'm actually surprised that he had such a sensitive reaction to this story because, really at its core, it's basically a business strategy story that's merely factual"

Oakland cops: Kiteboard teacher, 47, killed in deliberate car crash

"Investigators believe Vaughn had visited a local restaurant or bar before his death"

Ryan Seacrest, 40, company to stop selling iPhone keyboards

"I like the feeling of those keys"

Sallie Krawcheck, 50: Let women ‘act like women’

"We have an entire cottage industry that's now based on telling women to act like men. Right? And we- you know, you have to. You have to ask for the raise; you have to ask for the promotion. The tougher thing to do — is the power of diversity — is diversity. And so the smart companies around this allow women to act like women, allow people to act like themselves, and meet them where they are"

NBC still wants?

"Andy's contorting to figure out a way to keep Brian"

‘Wall Street Week’ — What does Icahn, 79, think of Buffett, 84?

Famed investor tells of hitting bottom in 1962, bouncing back in options

Hawaiian man, 47, impaled, killed by swordfish’s bill

"If you mess with them they defend themselves pretty good"

Paper: Elon Musk, 43, empire fueled by government subsidies

"He definitely goes where there is government money. That's a great strategy"
Paper: "Musk and his companies' investors enjoy most of the financial upside of the government support, while taxpayers shoulder the cost"

Died: Edward Gilligan, 55; AmEx heir apparent stricken on jet

CPR performed on flight, diverted to Green Bay
Company statement does not indicate ramifications on succession plan

CNBCfix review: Comeback speech of Dick Fuld, 69, a bust

Apparently scolds technician on the air; sarcastically tells crowd to eat
Clanging of dirty dishes heard throughout 9-minute excerpt that lauded Lehman
Defended by panelists on CNBC's "Halftime Report" and "Fast Money"
Guests: Conference-goer walks out
New York Times: "Rambling speech ... frequent references to his resilience"

‘Wall Street Week’ — can you really outtrade the pros?

Odds may be no better than a casino trip

Dennis Hastert, 73, suddenly off CME board, website

"A spokesman for the CME did not return a call for comment"

Amazon brings same-day delivery to Atlanta Prime customers

Must spend $35 and put in orders before noon

Indictment: Pair got ATMs to spew 20 times requested cash

"Used their own debit cards, and paid other people to use their debit cards"

iPad trial halts after lawyer, 48, is arrested

Paper: "Acknowledged Thursday that he is facing methamphetamine, identity theft and numerous other charges in both San Mateo and Marin counties"
Defense: "I expect to be exonerated fully on everything. No, absolutely I think I'm competent, and when I get my head screwed on, I don't think there's another attorney that can outwork me. There's going to be smarter lawyers out there, but no one's going to work harder than I will"

Man, 58, accused of firing at ATV rider

Released on $160 bail

Walgreen chairman: Obama, 53, made us ‘whipping boy’

"They took the license to, and everyone who wanted to make hay of the situation regarding their agenda politically started taking public relations shots, talking about the inversion"

Died: Dennis Sheehan, 68, tour manager for U2

"Everyone who works with the band is heartbroken. This has come as a huge shock, but the view is that Dennis would have wanted the show to go on. But that could be subject to change"

Pittsburgh aims to control Kenny Chesney, 47, crowd

Paper: "Mr. Chesney, his fans and Heinz Field and Pittsburgh officials received much criticism for events at his last Pittsburgh show in 2013. Police arrested and cited dozens for fighting, public intoxication, disorderly conduct and underaged drinking, and Allegheny General’s emergency room was busy with patients suffering from heat exhaustion and intoxication. One estimate said as much as 50,000 to 60,000 pounds of garbage was left in parking lots on the North Side mainly due to tailgating"

Kitten, 5 weeks, rescued after being dropped 12-15 feet by hawk

Paper: "The kitten’s mother was on the ground below, hissing at the hawk, Gage said"

Gary Busey, 70, forgot he appeared on ‘Entourage’ TV show

"I go, 'Are you [bleeping] with me right now?' — and he wasn't. I don't think he remembered it"

Ex-employee robbed Sprint store twice in 3 months: police chief

Paper: "It didn't take police long to set up a sting operation to catch the suspects"

Software glitch can cause iPhones to crash

Occurs with specific string, including Arabic characters

No Love, no problem: LeBron, 30, on verge of dethroning MJ

"The only thing that he's missing is a couple more championships and then it's a wrap. Right now we have arguably the best player to ever play the game. I'm just saying man. I'm not taking anything away from Jordan, but all (James is) missing is titles. A couple of more titles and that's it"

‘The Profit’ — Cupcake maker’s problems mysteriously vanish

CNBCfix review: Show implies restaurant deal, but they're not yet on the menu

Wal-Mart employees praised for handling of N. Dakota shooting

"The employees did a really, really good job at getting everybody together. Like I told the manager at Wal-Mart, it was like they had practiced. ... They kept their cool, and they were communicating between radios"

Yellen, 68, skipping Jackson Hole

Let the speculation begin

Seema Mody wows in cream-colored outfit

Solo duties on "Worldwide Exchange"

Robert Redford, 78, to grads: It’s a ‘pretty rough’ world out there

"You've got climate change, you've got debt, you've got wars, you've got political paralysis ... The story I think can be retold, and I really believe that you’re the ones to do it. You're the ones to retell this story, and God knows it is a story that needs to be retold. If we're going to have any kind of future at all, it has to be retold"
Received honorary degree "because of his enduring commitment to the environment, to the arts and to paving the way for others to succeed. We honor him because of his commitment to open expression of ideas and his dedication to the power of artful storytelling"

Died: Marty Pasetta, 82, Oscars director hit by alleged drunk’s car

Paper: "Stewart, 75, had stopped his vehicle on Via Conquistador to drop two passengers off, according to the sheriff's department. He then went to exit his vehicle but left the car's transmission engaged, causing him to crash into his passengers, who at that point had already exited the vehicle"
Credits: Directed Elvis' 1973 "Aloha From Hawaii"

Same old, same old

"It's basically the first summer Friday. It's before a long weekend"

Gasparino: Only the fat cats really getting ahead

"Listen, the stock market's better, but who's making money? Me. Fat cat Gasparino and all the fat cats at Fox. We're doing great! The average person hasn't done well. Wages are sh----. If you write code, you get a job. If you want to flip burgers, you can probably get a job. It's the stuff in the middle that's getting tight"
Ron Insana: "He'd been saying stuff about me behind the scenes, and then one day he said it on Twitter, and I lost it"
Cramer: "Jim Cramer’s a friend of mine. I don’t think he’s evil. I think there’s a perception that he’s out there to screw people. He’s not. Listen, the best hitters in baseball hit .300, right? Warren Buffett has screwed up a gazillion times"
Move: "I was making pretty good money at CNBC. Did I get paid more by Fox Business Network? Absolutely"
Stock-picking: "One of the things I like about Fox Business Network is that we don’t tout stocks, unlike CNBC. I worked at the other network and have a lot of friends there, but that’s a network of touting. Be very suspicious of that. You always step on your dick when you listen to touts"
Advice: "If you’re 30 years old, the biggest thing you should be doing is saving and dividing the money into a stock portfolio. You don’t necessarily need a broker to do that, by the way. Open a Charles Schwab account"
CNBCfix comment: Nice interview, but first 4 questions kinda weak

Huge spike in interest for Don Draper retreat center

"We love the increased attention because it drives people to our website and our catalog"

3% millionaire surcharge sinks in Illinois House

Speaker: “Certain people in this state have been very fortunate, and we want to ask them to give more to the educational system"

Suit: Morgan Stanley broker, 57, had affair with incapacitated client

Named Barron's top woman financial adviser in 2012 and 2013
Allegations against bank disputed: "We're saying that that's a bunch of bulls--t"

Volunteers ordered out of California oil cleanup

"It's poison. It's unbelievable. You just want to see it go away. I saw black. I thought it could be kelp, but it just turned blacker and blacker and it just rolled in — it’s like 'Oh my gosh'"

Hanergy failed to repay bank loans

"The share sales escalated after debtors made little progress in negotiations with the company over the defaults, those sources said"

Uber driver gets $472 ticket from airport cop

"(The officer) came out of his car and said, 'Do you have a permit and do you know that you need a permit to operate on airport property?' I said, 'No'"
Explanation: "We've given them ample warnings multiple times. For those that just didn't want to do it, we really felt we had no choice but to issue tickets"

Man, 23, dies skateboarding on college campus

"Traveling too fast to make a left-hand turn onto Quaker Hill Road"

Oakland to pay journalist $9,500 for jaywalking ticket

"Even if some of these tickets are technically legitimate, it's actually being used as a way of gathering information on protesters, which is chilling to their free speech"

Ex-student admits burglarizing cop’s home over ticket

"He was trying to get in through the living room window. He was tangled in the blinds. I struggled with him and hollered for my wife to get my gun"

Former Islanders con man John Spano, 50, guilty again

"After that second prison stint, Spano was hired as a driver for a company that provides laundry services to medical facilities, police said. He was promoted to salesman, which is when he began creating the fake accounts for which he was paid commissions. Police said he ran the operation from an office he set up inside a self-storage unit"

$75,000 in Grateful Dead prints stolen

AP: "The most valuable is a hand-painted, 1966 original Stanley Mouse/Alton Kelley Family Dog skeleton with roses, which was listed in the auction for $25,000"

Mandy Drury wows in skin-tone belt

New outfit on "Power Lunch"

PAA pipeline leak spills 21,000 gallons of crude off California coast

"Plains deeply regrets this release has occurred and is making every effort to limit its environmental impact"

Screech, 37, wants to call concealed-carry witness at trial

Paper: "Last week's sudden postponement of a final pretrial hearing had suggested a plea deal may have been in the works, but on Tuesday the judge and lawyers discussed details of the trial now set for next week"

Prince Charles, 66, shakes hands with Gerry Adams, 66

Time: "Reporters asked the Sinn Fein leader if he apologized for the killing of Mountbatten. Adams brushed off the question, noting that 3 other people, including a 14-year-old grandson of Mountbatten and a 15-year-old Northern Irish boy, were killed at the same time. 'One couldn’t help but be regretful about the loss, particularly when there are children involved,' Adams said"

Flight instructor, 24, allegedly steals plane, disappears

"I can't say that we’ve ever investigated a case quite like this before"

Middle finger displayed at Milwaukee school board meeting

"An apology only goes so far for a public official in that kind of setting"

City paying USBank $54,000 to manage $36 million

"We've been fairly passive with investments to date"

Resident, 77, is surprised to find burglars, guns both down

"The victim armed himself after a confrontation, discharged his firearm at the subjects"

12 months, you’re done: Arizona shrinks welfare window

"I tell my kids all the time that the decisions we make have rewards or consequences, and if I don't ever let them face those consequences, they can't get back on the path to rewards. As a society, we are encouraging people at times to make poor decisions and then we reward them"

Restored ‘Third Man’ premieres at Cannes

"You know what the fellow said: In Italy, for 30 years under the Borgias, they had warfare, terror, murder and bloodshed, but they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and the Renaissance. In Switzerland, they had brotherly love, they had 500 years of democracy and peace — and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock"

Died: Gunther Kohn, 88, fled Germany at 13, fought Nazis

Father sent 2 daughters to South America

Texas bans cities from banning fracking

Critics: "You would think that when scientists are getting more clarity about the connections between fracking and disposal wells with swarms of earthquakes, state politicians would want to provide higher levels of protection for people’s homes and families"

N.Y. tourist, 71, taking picture tumbles into Yellowstone canyon

Luckily fall broken at top of 200-foot drop

Jeff Gundlach, 55: CNBC commentators ‘don’t get it’

"The long bond wants the Fed to raise interest rates"

Mike Novogratz: ‘I think Obama will go down as a disappointment’

Tells "Wall Street Week": "I think deep down, while he gives a great speech and he's very smart and intellectual, he didn't really want or understand what it took to, to be the president"

Kevin Krim leaving CNBC; Hoffman ‘disappointed’

Memo: "Despite best efforts on both sides, over several months, I'm disappointed to let you know that Kevin Krim has decided to leave CNBC"
CNBCfix comment: Should've had it edited first ... "I'm disappointed to let you know that Kevin Krim has decided to leave CNBC despite best efforts on both sides for months"

Paraglider smashes into cliff, dies

Pronounced dead at the scene

Woman, 25, shot in the butt at party

Another suffers graze wound to the neck

Bus driver goes off bridge under construction at casino

Rescued dangling: "We're thankful he's alive"

Died: Garo Yepremian, 70, kicker famed for Super gaffe

"Every airport you go to, people point and say, 'Here's the guy who screwed up in the Super Bowl. After a while it bothers you. If it was anybody else he would go crazy, but fortunately I'm a happy-go-lucky guy"

$100 million in Lyft

"Ride-sharing is poised to become a fundamental component of our transportation infrastructure"

Ken Griffin, 46: Most powerful figure in hedge funds?

"Some continue to view the firm as a challenging place to work with high turnover"
"Citadel receives about 20,000 resumes each year, according to a person with knowledge of the firm's hiring, and offers positions to about 2 percent of the pool"

Giant lines at new In-N-Out location

"Lol pray for everyone who works at the In-N-Out in Alameda"

Avon hoax embarrasses SEC filing system

"The SEC has so many forms being filed, I don't think it can check every one. But I think they could do a better job acting as a gatekeeper"
Knuckleheads bid up the stock: Shares touch $8

Skateboarders brawl with easel-swinging artists

"The one guy in particular was yelling at women ... corporate businesswoman walking around and he was yelling about really rude stuff and we told him, 'don't do that down here.' ... The vendors pulled out a hammer ... I don't know how that happened ... The vendor threw a hammer at the skateboarder. That's crazy!"

Ralph Acampora is bullish

"Don't fight the trend"

‘The Profit’ premiere: Green Day gets booked for Sam Ash concert

Drum-maker facing shaky future pulls out the connections to land intermediate kit in store

Wasn’t sure: Jeb Bush, 62, says he’s running for president

"I'm running for president in 2016 and the focus is going to be about how we — if I run — how do you create high sustained economic growth where more people have a chance to earn success"

Gasparino: ‘Lame’ economy excuses could sink Hillary, 67, campaign

"Secular stagnation"

Morgan Stanley fined $2 million for inaccurate short positions

"Regulators have increasingly been enforcing a 'broken windows' policy"

San Francisco demands MCD clean up drug activity at Haight site

"Legally on the hook"

Sales of Brady, 37, jersey soar after suspension

"We generally do not see an overall lift in sales if the news with a team is not favorable"

Harry Reid, 75, denounces NFL’s Patriot punishment

"The Redskins name is a racist name. So I wish the commissioner would act as swiftly and decisively in changing the name of the DC team as he did about not enough air in a football"

Harriet Tubman wins poll to put woman’s face on $20 bill

"Our work won’t be done until we're holding a Harriet $20 bill in our hands in time for the centennial of women's suffrage in 2020"

Steve Schwarzman, 68: Harvard admits rejection a mistake

"He wrote me a few years ago saying, 'I guess we got that one wrong'"

Moody’s downgrades Chicago to junk status

"The city's options for curbing growth in its own unfunded pension liabilities have narrowed considerably"

Google admits 11 accidents involving self-driving cars

"Light damage, no injuries ... Not once was the self-driving car the cause of the accident"

CNBC’s Brian Sullivan emceeing Brooklyn Law School gala

Professor Joe Crea, 100, is featured honoree June 11

Morgan Stanley sells oil unit to Castleton

"Aligns well with our goal of becoming a top-tier, global multi-commodity merchant"

Cement truck falls on car of Andrew Young, 83

"At home resting"

Sister Helen Prejean, 76, thinks Tsarnaev really is sorry

"I have every reason to believe he was sorry for what he did"
Prosecutor: "Sister, you're not based in Massachusetts, are you? You don't live here"

Missing Penn State student, 23, found safe

"Just needed a timeout"

Cleveland asks court to reconsider ‘Jock Tax’ ruling

"The court said former Chicago Bears linebacker Hunter Hillenmeyer, who filed the suit, is due a partial refund from Cleveland"

Scottish beauty, 30, takes over Chicago’s beleaguered Techweek

"The controversial ad last year promoted the charity event with photos of two young women in top hats and form-fitting outfits ... Techweek, which brought women in bikinis to its Fall 2013 fashion show, canceled the charity event last June and apologized for the 'oversight'"

Lynda Carter, 63, endorses Hillary, 67, for president

"My husband and I have known the Clintons since 1983 or '84. We're family friends. Hillary has never changed, she has always been the smartest person in the room"
On Clinton cash: "Why people begrudge them any money they can make. If they're not in public office — so what! Go after the big golden parachutes that corporations get. All the rest of it is just nonsense"

‘Wall Street Week’: Mr. Smith goes to SALT

Breadstick sandwiches, juice production capacity mark 4th episode

Airport workers driving luggage carts collide; 1 dies

"Resources are on site to support our Southwest Family at Midway"

Boone Pickens, 86, at SALT: Liz Warren, 65, wrong on high school


Hiker finds Reese Witherspoon, 39, boot from ‘Wild’

"If you look at the movie poster, it's that boot"
Danner made the boots Witherspoon wore in film, sells them as Mountain Light Cascade

Sen. Ron Wyden, 66, notably absent from Obama Nike event

President: "He's in Washington, D.C., as we speak, quarterbacking this effort on behalf of Oregon small-business owners and workers"
Paper: "Wyden is up for re-election next year and his absence could be a sign of how deeply the trade fight has angered much of the Democratic base"

Gentle Ben: Bernanke, 61, gets ‘warm reception’ at SALT

"Even some critics seemed giddy at the prospect of meeting him at the conference"
Social policy: Richard Branson calls war on drugs "unmitigated disaster"
Rates: No consensus at conference over timing of hike

Drunkard, 25, tried to reheat pizza on car’s dashboard: cops

Arrested twice in evening, 15 minutes apart

Bitcoin exchange itBit is 1st to get N.Y. bank charter

Lawsky: "The technology behind bitcoin and other virtual currencies could ultimately hold real promise, and it is critical that we set up appropriate rules of the road"

Woman, 47, who poisoned husband’s Lucky Charms skips bail

"It's unlikely we’re ever going to see her again"

Loeb, 53, bashes Buffett, 84, at SALT Conference

"I love reading Warren Buffett's letters. I love how he criticizes hedge funds, yet he had the first hedge fund. I love that he criticizes activists, yet he was an activist. He criticizes financial services companies, yet he invests in them. He thinks we should all pay more taxes but loves to avoid them"
Novogratz: China "ready to enter one of the great bull markets that we've seen"
Paulson: "Flashing sign reminded the audience that his comments were off the record"

Gov to Chicago: No bailout

"The city, like the state, is at a tipping point. We can't continue governing from crisis to crisis bandaging over problems while we slowly slide down the scale of great cities"

Black & red: Carolin Roth, Seema Mody on ‘Worldwide Exchange’

Question if Yellen is contra-indicator

Bicyclist caught throwing lock at car

"I felt like (the bicyclist) was being abusive, like he was baiting the driver"
Fellow rider defends: "The conflict originated with the vehicle with the most wheels"

Roger Altman, 69, predicts stock ‘correction’

"Some of the social media sector is very highly valued"

Woman, 24, sues: Used-car salesman groped, offered discount

Woman's friend, 18: "Told the officer that she'd initially been in the dealership with the woman, but she's 'addicted to Facebook' and went out to her car to charge her phone"
Salesman's defense: "Woman told him that she'd be willing to 'get busy' in exchange for a lower down payment, that he initially said no, but then caved in because 'I am an idiot'"

Oregon may partially end ban on self-serve gasoline

"Numerous times, I've been woken in the middle of the night by the sheriff's dispatch because we have folks who follow their phones and aren't very smart and don't fill up till their gas lights are on. Out of the goodness of our hearts we get up in the middle of the night and fuel them so they can get on their way"

Several hundred protesters expected for Obama in Nike-land

"Shipping jobs away"

Yellen, 68, opines on stocks

"I would highlight that equity market valuations at this point generally are quite high"

Rick Sherlund ‘doubtful’ MSFT makes bid for CRM

"I think Oracle probably makes the most sense"

Taxicab company owner’s political sign draws protest

"Things I trust more than Obama, a Palestinian on a motorcycle"
Explanation: "To me, this reminds me of action movies where the hero is trying to get away, but is chased on a motorcycle by a man who has a knife or gun. It's like Indiana Jones being chased through the desert. It's a joke"
Offered protesters bottles of water and chairs to sit down, "all refused the offers"

Flight attendant sues, got drenched in raw sewage at airport

"Says she has suffered severe psychological harm as a result of the incident, and a loss of quality of life. She suffers from panic and anxiety in small and crowded spaces, requires regular medical attention and counseling, and has been diagnosed with PTSD ... has been rendered incapable of performing marital duties including sex ... In the days after, became severely depressed, couldn’t sleep and had the sensation that bugs were eating away at her skin"

Dead inducted into Madison Square Garden Walk of Fame

Bob Weir, Bill Kreutzmann and Jerry Garcia’s daughter Trixie will attend the event Monday

Tributes for Dave Goldberg, 47

President Barack Obama: “He was generous and kind with everybody, and cared less about the limelight than making sure that the people he worked with and loved succeeded in whatever they did. His skills as an entrepreneur created opportunity for many; his love for his family was a joy to behold, and his example as a husband and father was something we could all learn from"
Sheryl Sandberg: "Things will never be the same, but the world is better for the years my beloved husband lived"
SurveyMonkey success: "Leader in its field valued at close to $2 billion"

Dennis Gartman: Einhorn, 46, ‘terribly, terribly wrong’ on oil

"Most people don't understand how the futures function"

Maine mulls dropping income tax, but with no alternative

No matter: "When you put into the Constitution a protection for free speech, no one told you how to protect it"

Mini Cooper, apparently empty, goes off California cliff

"Sitting upright, but had significant roof damage"

Protesters commandeer Oakland City Council meeting

"Other jurisdictions would not put up with this"

Johnny Manziel, 22, moves from downtown to golf community

"Golf has been a constructive outlet since his return, the source said"

Detective executing narcotics warrant dies of natural causes

"Started to feel ill while working and asked a colleague to drive him to a hospital"

Died: Michael Blake, 69, wrote ‘Dances With Wolves’

Spent years living out his car and on friends' couches while writing novel
Family: "The couple met through the actor Viggo Mortensen, a close friend of Blake's and Mortensen Blake's cousin. They married in 1993 and have three teenage children, all named after Native Americans that the couple admires"

Yellen, 68, met with firm in leak probe

"Nothing Medley Global Advisors reported in October ... could have been conveyed in June, and let me assure you that, in any case, I did not convey any confidential information"

Golfer, 61, sinks $50,000 hole-in-one on birthday

"I knew it was a good shot, but I had no idea it would go in the hole. I figured I'd left myself maybe a 6-, 7-footer for birdie"

NetJet pilots demonstrate during Buffett, 84, CNBC interview

Warren: They "have a good job"
Munger, 91, more concerned about running out of hydrocarbons than climate change

Sheldon Adelson, 81, denies knowledge of ‘exorcism strategy’

"Never heard the phrase"

Pair of burglars, 26 & 28, gunned down by homeowner

"Information to this point shows the homeowner acted in self-defense"

Woman, 22, gets 24 years for crashing after drunken tweet

"2 drunk 2 care"

Died: Grace Lee Whitney, 85, ‘Star Trek’ original

"When I told the fans I was an alcoholic, they all applauded. When I told them I had given myself to a higher power, they cheered again. I’m in a great place because I’ve gone full circle"

Fox News admits mistakenly reporting Baltimore police shooting

"And the truth is, according to police, there is no gunshot victim. Nobody has been shot. No police officer has pulled the trigger. And on behalf of Mike Tobin and the rest of our crew there and the rest of us at Fox News, I am very sorry for the error and glad we were able to correct it quickly"

Bodysurfers brave 15-foot waves at The Wedge

"You're just super-alert to where you're positioned, because the worst-case scenario is you land with your head on the sand"

Lee Cooperman, 72: Feds costing kids chance at college education

"The amount of money, the legal fees, it's gonna cost us [will] deprive a bunch of kids of a college education ... Unfortunately no matter how hard you work for your money, and no matter what social good you do with your money, if you have money today, you're out of favor. Look at Hillary Clinton. I got nothing negative- too negative to say about her. But basically, she's already on the stump, attacking hedge funds, attacking wealthy people, and she's probably as wealthy as all the people she's attacking"

Died: David Goldberg, 47, husband of Sheryl Sandberg

Dick Costolo: "Heartbreaking ... one of the truly great people on the planet ... of almost unimaginably remarkable character"

Carl Icahn, 79: Junk-bond market trading ‘ridiculously high’

CNBCfix review: Streamlined show delivers remarkable interview

Meat Loaf, 67, cancels State Fair show days after it’s announced

No reason; was to perform with Styx, Tesla

Jim Kelly, 55, electrifies draft with stirring speech

"I want to thank everyone all over the world, especially my NFL family, for all of your prayers. Last year I was in the hospital not knowing if I would be here this year"

Man, 83, dies in head-on crash at casino

Crossed center line for "unknown reason;" woman in other car chips tooth

Boos rain on Goodell, 56

"So. Very. Many. Boos. They put to rest the notion that moving the draft from New York to Chicago might result in kinder, gentler treatment. The boos may not have been as loud and lusty as they are in NYC, but Chicagoans made up for it with commitment. They were booing as every single pick was announced"
Gaffe: Pronounces quarterback "Marcus Marioto"
Steelers draft Bud Dupree: "He was certainly the highest player left on our board"
According to coach: "football junkie and historian"

Chicago Cubs owner, 51, apologizes for T-shirt slur of Italians

"Earlier in the evening, during some light-hearted banter on the MLB Network, I used a term that was offensive to some of our fans and Italian-Americans. Of course, I was wrong and I apologize. I hope all will be forgiven as we value the contributions of Italian-Americans to America’s pastime and the Chicago Cubs"

Writer: NFL Draft ‘un-American’

"Would we tell the a once-in-a-lifetime engineering grad who wants to negotiate a position and salary at the top tech firm in the Silicon Valley, 'No, actually, you're required to work for the sector's laughingstock, a company managed by incompetents with no clear vision of the future — at a fixed salary that's set by a third party"

Goldman Sachs putting millions into bitcoin company

"A vote of confidence"

Thugs in masks rob pharmacy during power outage

"Walked into the pharmacy quickly, each heading down a separate aisle to confront her and an employee at the cash register"
"By all rights, we should have been closed. He took every cent of money we had in the register. He said, 'Give me all your drugs,' and she just started dumping what they wanted. They took quite a bit. I was just looking at that gun, thinking, 'This is going to be it'"

Intoxicated motorcyclist, 29, dies after colliding with dog

46 mph in 20 mph zone: "Toxicology tests showed that Bacon's blood alcohol content was .16, double the legal limit. He also tested positive for drugs, including methamphetamine, according to a police report"
Furthermore: "A police investigator who examined Bogue's (sic) motorcycle said the vehicles (sic) braking ability might have been reduced due to grease leaking from a hub seal on the front wheel. He said the grease saturated one of the rotors and brake calipers"
Officer Friendly: "An officer who spoke with Bogue provided him with a blanket to transport the dog to the hospital. Bogue returned to the scene to talk to officers immediately after the dog died"
But: City Attorney's Office hasn't decided if dog owner will be cited for allegedly violating the city's leash law … "carries a fine of $25, not including court costs and fees"

Gundlach considers 100-times bet against the bund

"Let's say you leverage up the German 2-year 100 times, that’s a 20% return"

Sweetheart deal saves Tavern on the Green $1 mil. a year

"5 years seems uncharacteristically long, but then this is an unusual investment"

CNBC christens San Francisco location

"A small, portable desk was used with an acrylic CNBC@1Market sign placed in front"

Politician calls state legislator ‘boozehound’

"During his Senate campaign Bisignano was stopped for drunken driving in Altoona and eventually pleaded guilty to operating while intoxicated. He served two days in jail, and was required to perform 80 hours of community service. The incident was Bisignano's third OWI arrest"
Perspective: "If this is what passes for a political scandal in Iowa, we should be pretty grateful. It's not as if I was manufacturing meth; I don't have any bodies buried in my backyard. I called a guy some names, shouldn't have done it and I apologized"

George Bush, 68: ‘Hell, I’d be popular too if I owned NBC News’

"Just remember the guy who slit Danny Pearl’s throat is in Gitmo, and now they're doing it on TV"

‘Wall Street Week:’ Indirect clarification from Larry Fink

Say something at a restaurant, you might make national news

Thug, 21, robs resident doing yard work

2nd individual being sought

Sorry, Mr. President: ‘family commitment’

"Wouldn’t be surprised if an earlier comment by White House press secretary Josh Earnest might have played a role in 12’s decision to skip the fete"

American Indian actors quit Adam Sandler, 48, movie

"Right from the get-go, it didn't feel right. But we it let it go"

Man, 53, dies in fall from 2nd-floor porch

Had gone out for cigarette

Female off-duty cop, 41, menaces driver with gun on highway: cops

"Allegedly pointed a loaded firearm at another vehicle while passing it"

New ‘Wall Street Week’ a long way from Owings Mills

CNBCfix review: Despite provocative Gundlach calls, flashy CNBC-like Times Square setting, emphasis on making millions at odds with original program's mom-and-pop advice

5,056.06 — Nasdaq record!

"The market I think is looking at the various technical levels and is looking at whether it is going to break up or break down. It seems to want to go higher but every time it reaches the 2,108 level it breaks down"

Couple gives Chicago museum $400 million in pop art treasures

"Now, we have nine major Warhol pieces to add to the single work we already owned, and we can tell the story of Pop Art more fully, and of the artist who had such an impact"

Grateful Dead Chicago shows available on pay-per-view

"Shows in Santa Clara, Calif., will also be broadcast live through an online webcast"

Man, 44, allegedly stole tornado relief supplies

"After his relative’s home was cleared of debris, the 44-year-old stuck around the area and continued collecting tubs of items donated to the relief effort, sheriff’s police said"

Cramer, 60, wedding mentioned in N.Y. Times

Lisa Detwiler, 49: "I remember saying that there was no way I was going to go out with that bald, screaming man. But then the person who set us up reminded me that I had been spending too much time at home watching television with my dog"

David Letterman, 68, bombs with sexist joke

Advises grads: "Treat a lady like a wh--e, and a wh--e like a lady"

Seema Mody in fuchsia on ‘Worldwide Exchange’

Reads tweet on air: "Richard says, he would pay for lunch with Jim Cramer, or myself, this is just silly; I can't do this ... as long as you treat me to steak or fries, I'm good to go"
Louisa Bojesen: "Absolutely brilliant"

Died: Betty Willis, 91, designed ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign

1959: "We thought the town was fabulous, so we added the word"

Cops: Uber driver, 38, deliberately mowed down bicyclist

"Began yelling at the driver and banging on his window"

Book: Overseas donors enriched Bill, 68, Hillary, 67

"pattern of financial transactions involving the Clintons that occurred contemporaneous with favorable US policy decisions benefiting those providing the funds"

Business Insider: ‘Wall Street Week’ not discussed at CNBC

"Some insiders say it's because CNBC doesn't care; others say that it's because CNBC reporters were forbidden from tweeting about the show or from going to the premiere party in New York City the Tuesday before it aired"

Car thief, 47, caught after 200-mile chase: cops

"Arrested the driver Monday in Baker, a Mojave Desert pit stop on the route to Las Vegas"

De Blasio, 53, hoping to be drafted for presidential run

Apparently hopes to experience McGovern-like victory over Muskie

Jeff Gundlach, 55, warns of high-yield crisis in 2 years

Tells reborn "Wall Street Week" debut: "One thing that is really important that nobody talks about or thinks about is that the entire life of the junk bond market has been secularly declining interest rates"

Billy Dee Williams, 78: Smooth reputation overstated

"I don't know why everybody thinks I'm smooth. I think I'm just a pretty silly person, really"
Obviously, kind of a slow final day at "Star Wars" fan convention

Woman, 50, dies after repeated punches to face

"Drugs may have played a role in the dispute"

Bloomberg blackout — terminals down more than 2 hours

Minimal info: "No one at Bloomberg LP was available to explain the outage"

Pretty ESPN reporter, 28, berates female parking attendant

"Yep, that’s all you care about, is just taking people’s money. With no education, no skillset, just wanted to clarify that. ... Do you feel good about your job? So I could be a college dropout and do the same thing? Why, cause I have a brain and you don't? ... Maybe if I was missing some teeth they would hire me, huh? 'Cause they look so stunning ... 'Cause I’m on television and you're in a f------ trailer, honey ... Lose some weight, baby girl"

Reuters slowly catching up with this site’s ‘Wall Street Week’ report

Looks like words missing in 2nd paragraph; fails to note project announced a year ago and not just in February; several CNBC guests are advisors; new show debuts Sunday

1/3 making $75,000 or more living paycheck to paycheck

"Average 401(k) plan participant over age 50 contributing $9,100 per year"

Class champ: Spieth, 21, still loyal to John Deere tournament

"I’m coming back. You guys helped launch my career, and I'll always be appreciative"

De Blasio, 53, skips Tribeca fest after De Niro, 71, slam

"I don't have many opinions on de Blasio. We don’t get any support at this point. There’s nothing"

Seema Mody tells what she would ask Vladimir Putin, 62

"I would like to know, the man himself, Vladimir Putin, has he ever been in love, is he ever gonna get married, that's what I would like to know"

L.A. schools mull legal action over botched iPad program

"While Apple and Pearson promised a state-of-the-art technological solution ... they have yet to deliver it"

Illinois gov, 58, ‘afraid’ Chicago schools headed to bankruptcy

"The schools belong to taxpayers and the parents. They should decide what gets collectively bargained. They should decide, do teachers have to join a union to teach their children? If they want that, terrific"

Uber, Lyft may be OK at LAX

Garcetti also wants to collect taxes on Airbnb

Blue & golden: Seema Mody & Nancy Hulgrave on ‘Worldwide’

CNBC producer in spotlight in Madrid

Subway employee tackles, disarms thug, forces out accomplice

No arrests made

Man, 50, seriously hurt trying to drive car off parking garage roof

"The car instead flipped over onto its roof"

Real estate agent, 48, allegedly stole $145,000 from clients

"Accepted deposits totaling $145,300 from clients purchasing a home. But instead of using the money for its intended purpose, he kept the money for himself, according to authorities. Prosecutors also claim Simons wrote himself unauthorized checks from the agency’s account for business and personal expenses. Other brokers at the company discovered the scheme when they noticed the shortages"

Knicks win meaningless game, likely lose No. 1 overall

"In terms of our future, it has no bearings on these guys' lives"

Seema Mody takes day off, gets haircut

Back on "WorldWide Exchange" after long weekend

Knucklehead: Alaska Airlines worker dozes in jet’s cargo hold

Emergency landing after 14 minutes in air

‘Clinton people’ fume over de Blasio, 53, dis of Hillary, 67

"Some of Hillary's biggest bundlers are like, 'WTF?'"

Bill Kreutzmann, 68, touring in support of memoir

May 5: Deal: My Three Decades of Drumming, Dreams and Drugs with The Grateful Dead

Lawyer requests: 45 days in jail for man, 53, in lobster scheme

Now a maintenance worker earning $9.50 an hour

Teen thugs on spring break ignite high school brawl in Berkeley

"Drew dozens of police officers and the entire high school security staff to the scene"

Greg Norman, 60, in Tupper Lake, N.Y., to view proposed resort

"We have several investors who want to come in"

Too easy: Staggering day in sports history by dull jock, 21

"Final-round drama took a vacation day"
No rivals: "Phenomenal from Spieth. Boring final day though. Short on drama."
Celebrate: "The most boring 'winning' ceremony I've ever seen in my life-Green Jacket. He should have been outside w/ the crowd! #masters2015 #Spieth"
Sponsor: "I hope there are people panicking at under armor - they have to design something remotely fashionable for Spieth to wear. Brutally boring."
Historic: "Tx Jordan Spieth for the most boring #MastersSunday ever!"
Donald Trump: "A great @The Masters. The course looks so beautiful. Fantastic for golf and television ratings!"
CNBC's Carolin Roth: Watched none of it
CNBC's Louisa Bojesen: "I watched all of it"

Carolin Roth, Louisa Bojesen unimpressed by Trump-Legere tiff

Louisa: "They're fighting about very important things obviously. Very, very important things, as- as men sometimes do"

Troy Polamalu, 33, retires from pro football

2010 NFL Defensive Player of the Year, inevitable Pro Football Hall of Famer
Time: "33 is obviously significant because of Christ being 33; and 12 years, 12 apostles. I'm not superstitious by any means but I always thought that if I played 12 years and retire from football at 33 and give my life and give my body and give my blood to this game, I think that would be a pretty significant landmark in my life"
Winning: "I do know one thing is that talent doesn't win Super Bowls. There's got to be another component there. The personality of a team changes from year to year. I do think the team next year can be really successful. How successful, only time will tell"
Values: "Made weekly, nonpublicized visits to cancer patients at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh" ... "I don't know anybody in the NFL who doesn't like Troy. If you have an issue with Troy, you've got to look at yourself in the mirror. That's the type of guy he is"

Seema Mody in stripes

CNBC's "Worldwide Exchange" ends week on a high note

CNBC’s Carolin Roth mesmerizes in Europe

Stanchart interview closes with a visual flourish (above)

Died: Albert Maysles, 88, filmmaker of ‘Gimme Shelter’

NYT: "Made ends meet by doing television commercials for large corporations like IBM and Merrill Lynch, then made their early reputation with 'Salesman' (1968)"
Credits: Worked on Sports Illustrated's annual swimsuit issue

CNBCfix review: Al Michaels’ book leaves the drama on the field

Other than digs at Cosell and Esiason, "Miracle" man prefers compliments to controversy
The contenders: Gowdy, Scully, Buck, Costas, Nantz, Cosell ... is Al Michaels
the greatest sportscaster of all time?

CNBC, citing colleague: Rich Ilczyszyn, 46, died of embolism

"The apparent cause of Rich Ilczyszyn's tragic death was a pulmonary embolism caused by deep vein thrombosis, Rich's coworker told us today"

CNBC contributor Rich Ilczyszyn, 46, dies

Family: "Rich had a love for life as well as an appreciation for the fragility of it. He always encouraged others to live fully and spend time with those they love and hold dear. iiTrader is a testament to Rich's inherent creativity and resilience. iiTrader will continue to innovate and move forward"

Bill Fleckenstein slams interview with Jackie DeAngelis

"The certainty with which the woman that I got interviewed by this week sees the future, and the need to be involved in stocks is rather remarkable since most talking heads don’t know anything about investing"
Still waiting: Article notes no sign of short fund promised since late 2013

CNBCfix review: Excitement in backwardation in Secret Club

Kate Kelly's dry account of commodities world fails to pose an important airline question

Mark of celebration: Hoffman leads rousing cheers at CNBC

"There's been a lot of highlights ... I would say the proudest I was of the organization, was in the- leading up to the financial crisis in 2008, and the year or year and a half or so that followed it, I felt like, as if all of the hard work that had gone into building the organization over the first 20-plus years, or so, had really paid off ... I was so proud of the way CNBC not only reported the story, but the way they treated the seriousness of those events"
Tears: "Do I see a little moisture in your eyes, Tyler?"


Kelly Evans pushes Matt Damon, 43, to be Aquaman, help charity

Kelly Evans: "Matt Damon, if only you could play a superhero who could deliver clean drinking water to the world's poorest, uh, dare I ask whether you could play Aquaman and in fact leverage your celebrity to draw attention to this cause through this new movie that potentially uh, rumors are out there you could play Aquaman in"
Matt Damon: "Playing 'Aguaman' (sic)? Is that the ..."
Evans: "A-qua"
Damon: "Sorry, that's a terrible joke"
Evans: "You can go the Spanish route if you want to. I mean-"
Brian Sullivan: "There is international distribution for the Justice League, so it's fine. It's the character plays (sic)"
Damon: "We're huge in Latin America, Um, uh, no, well, you know, since they, since they made Ben Batman, I've been showing up at his house every day dressed as Robin, but um, my little campaign I don't think has, has gone too well so far. So far I haven't been contacted by anyone to, to be in the movie, but with Ben in there-"
Evans: "Would you do it though Matt? Because look you have to say it would make a certain amount of sense for this cause, if you did it ONLY for this cause, it would actually make a certain amount of sense ..."
Damon: "Well, all right, uh, uh, I'm open to being in any good movie as always; it might be a bit of a stretch ..."

Michelle Caruso-Cabrera:
‘Paul Tudor Jones said out loud what we all know to be anecdotally true,’ Karen Finerman is ‘exception that proves the rule’

Karen Finerman: "Well my first response was I just could not believe he said it. And so I, I wanted to make sure that I had it right, and I went and I looked at the video, and of course you just showed it, so yes, he said it, and, uh, I, I, I know, I know that he's apologized, that he didn't mean to offend anyone, and I believe he was saying it, he was- an attempt to be very candid, I can't believe also that he didn't think that will- would never get out, but it's sort of- I mean on so many levels, it makes me wonder, 1, what if you don't nurse, do you not then have that- are you, do you keep your judgment then if you don't nurse. That's sort of something that popped into my head"
Amanda Drury: "And also, is he also saying that global macro traders that are guys are not great dads because they're always off 24/7 on the phone trading stuff"
Karen Finerman: "Right, I just- I don't really accept that premise either. If you are a mother, I really sort of do wonder, how long this would knock you off your game for. And, it, I don't know, on so many levels, I know so many women, far more successful than I, who have done an extraordinary job of raising kids, and also, uh, you know, trading, trading their books"
Michelle Caruso-Cabrera: "I think Paul Tudor Jones said out loud what we all know to be anecdotally true. That women, it's not that they don't have the ability, it's just, if they have a child, priorities tend to change. It takes up a lot of time. A child is a huge, huge commitment. And so-"
Amanda Drury: "And not necessarily a bad thing"
Michelle Caruso-Cabrera: "It's not necessarily a bad thing, he's not saying that, that they can't do it, it's just, it gets a lot tougher. Priorities often change. And I think Karen, you are awesome, but you are the exception I think that proves the rule. Let's face it: How many other women are on 'Fast Money.' I mean when you look at the breakdown of people- when you look at the breakdown of people who are on CNBC. It's a guys-and-ties network. I mean let's not kid anybody!"
Karen Finerman: "Yes I hear you-"
Brian Sullivan ridiculously removes tie: "Here we go, no more guys in ties"
Karen Finerman: "Let me just add 1 thing"
Brian Sullivan: "I don't wanna get accused of dodging the conversation. All right, I know hedge fund managers that have what they call the large-house indicator. Right. What they say is, if they have an investment manager, or a fellow hedge fund manager, whatever, that starts to build a new mansion, they will often times use that- or CEO of a company, they'll use that as a negative and either get out of it or trim, because building a home is a year-long process, takes a lot of energy, you're not focused on what you're doing. So I don't think just has to be about gender. If you've got any big undertaking you take on, that reduces your focus. I'm not defending what he said-"
Michelle Caruso-Cabrera: "Except this happens to be about having babies for women, which is just a huge thing in, in most women's life"
Brian Sullivan: "If I was a hedge fund manager and a CEO of a company bought a 200-foot yacht, I would sell the shares of that company probably short that next day"
Karen Finerman: "I mean also there's the private plane indicator, you get the private plane, you're not hungry anymore, then you don't care. I, I don't really buy that, I think it also makes the case that women don't have the judgment to know, after they've had a baby, whether or not they are still interested in being in the game. Now that may be his experience, and I believe him when he says that's what he's found to be true, and he gave a couple examples of a, you know, two women from Maryland the '70s, he probably has more recent examples than that, but is he just open to the possibility, the possibility, that maybe it's not true, that there will never be just as many women investors as men, never, period, end of story. Isn't it possible?"
Amanda Drury: "And the other thing is Karen, and you've touched on this, I mean, we would've said in the past, it would've been decades, maybe not even so long ago, we would've said that we can't have a good female doctor, she can't possibly be on call because she's got to be at home feeding her child at night. Right?"
Karen Finerman: "And now look. Now look, there are just as many women, or maybe it's about the same number of women graduating from medical school as men and you're right, years and years ago, that was thought as an impossibility"

CNBC asks Dennis Gartman if he called Buffett an ‘idiot’

Commodities king laughs off report, calls Oracle's 45% loss "inexcusable ... poor trading"
Told Brent Hunsberger of Oregonian in June: ‘Warren Buffett is an idiot’
Responded to reader critics at Oregonian site: "Last year I did indeed lose money... 2%.
Other than that, for the previous 14 years I've averaged about +12%, with 22% as my best year.
... I'm also long of Goldman Sachs and Loews while short of Berkshire Hathaway for the past
two months, and have added to that trade along the way as the profits have built up."
Ignored? Days later, CNBCfix was only media site to pick up jaw-dropping Oregonian story
Jeff Macke on BRK-B short: "Congratulations to Dennis Gartman, who saw this coming"

Time to put Yankees-Mets, Cubs-White Sox in same divisions

CNBCfix exclusive: Baseball needs to scrap "leagues" and give fans intra-city rivalries

CNBCfix review: 1 hour not nearly enough for Burnett in Africa

Overreaching documentary shows strengths, weaknesses of anchor, could use Tim Seymour

Does New York Times believe its own ‘Weekender’ ad?

One sentence by arrogant chap deserves scrutiny for puffery at the expense of logic

CNBCfix review: ‘Oprah Effect’ is missing one thing: Oprah

Carl Quintanilla has some interesting stories, but lacks comment from Queen of Talk herself

Couple did ‘3 months of due diligence’ before investing with Stanford

CNBCfix review: Scott Cohn's "Secrets of the Knight" has good but unfocused material

CNBCfix review: ‘Run for the Roses’ feels like a one-trick pony

Outsourced CNBC original with Melissa Francis mostly seems like promo for NBC broadcast

CNBCfix review: Darren Rovell makes the sale in ‘As Seen on TV’

Doesn't dig as deep into infomercial ads as it could, but cuts like a Ginsu knife

Three reasons why NFL Draft is bad for players, fans, league

CNBCfix exclusive: It doesn't provide "competitive balance," but manipulates stars

CNBCfix (slightly) makes the news — in the lede graf!

All from Jared Bernstein's fee: Consider Tony Paradiso a must-read at

Maxim apparently gives Michelle Caruso-Cabrera the cold shoulder

Becky Quick, Erin Burnett, Trish Regan appear to make hot list, with nod to Maria Bartiromo

Margaret Brennan receives 2009 Young Leaders Irish Spirit Award

(Ex-)CNBC reporter/Arabic scholar/beauty praised by philanthropic American Ireland Fund

CNBCfix review: David Faber’s ‘House of Cards’ a home run

Impressive documentary of mortgage collapse will appeal to the pros and the laymen

CNBCfix review: ‘Marijuana Inc.’ weeds out a lot of context

Lackluster documentary is decent, but Trish Regan puts on a fashion show

Cruise line trades access for advertising in ‘Cruise Inc.’

CNBC travel correspondent Peter Greenberg digs into Norwegian Pearl's financials

Fast Money review

Doc seems to think Wisconsin stocks will thrive if Paul Ryan becomes Speaker

Wall Street Week

An activist wonders why people don't complain about HFT instead

CNBCfix review:
‘West Texas
Investors Club’

CNBC's Lone Star extension of "Shark Tank"

CNBCfix reviews:
‘The Profit’

Larry Kudlow’s
powerful sign-off

Photos, transcript from final episode of "The Kudlow Report" special report: CNBC ‘Fast Money’ trader positions often go undisclosed

♦ Daily online recaps often omit certain traders' holdings, appear voluntary, unenforceable, no requirement for accuracy or timeliness, no description of the size of position or whether positions are for clients or traders' own accounts

CNBCfix reviews

Scott Wapner, "Hotel: Behind Closed Doors at Marriott": Reservations about this flat profile

Melissa Francis, Diary of a Stage Mother's Daughter: A Memoir Pangs of child scardom linger for a remarkably successful woman

Joe Terranova, Buy High, Sell Higher: Why Buy-And-Hold is Dead And Other Surprising Investing Lessons From CNBC's 'The Liquidator' Trader austerity bible could stand a haircut in pages, title

Steve Cortes, Against the Herd: 6 Contrarian Investment Strategies You Should Follow: How to not buy stocks and come out ahead

Leah McGrath Goodman, The Asylum: The Renegades Who Hijacked the World's Oil Market: How swashbuckling oil traders make life miserable for exchange chairmen

Phil LeBeau, "Dreamliner": Bumpy ride through recent Boeing turbulence is a bust

Scott Wapner, "The Coffee Addiction": Pour yourself a cup of capitalism

Lester Holt, "The Facebook Obsession": 500 million users, 0 legislator complaints

Scott Cohn, "Price of Admission": College found to be expensive

Trish Regan, "Marijuana USA": For recreational purposes only

Gary Kaminsky, Smarter Than the Street: Sticking it to the big guys

Scott Cohn, "Remington Under Fire": If gun is so unreliable, why does military buy it?

Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, You Know I'm Right: If she's right, she should run

Felix Rohatyn, Dealings: A rainmaker has no hostility toward the takeover business

John Heilemann & Mark Halperin, Game Change: Was Obama that great, or everyone else just lousy?

Anthony Scaramucci, Goodbye Gordon Gekko Do the right thing, millionaire-style

Alan "Ace" Greenberg, The Rise and Fall of Bear Stearns Auditing Jimmy Cayne's income statements

Charles Gasparino, The Sellout: Impressive chronicle, dubious title, lacks chutzpah

David Faber, "Goldman Sachs: Power and Peril": Just as hedged on TV as in the mortgage market

Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, "Liquid Assets": Water documentary runs a bit dry

Carl Quintanilla, "Trash Inc.": Some of the better garbage you'll see on TV

Carl Quintanilla, "Crime Inc.: Counterfeit Goods": Where are the DVDs and software, Carl?

Scott Wapner, "One Nation, Overweight": Lite on substance, if not calories

"The Pixar Story": In prime-time search, CNBC finds a great business story

Trish Regan, "Marijuana Inc.": OK documentary, tremendous fashion show

Maria Bartiromo, "Inside the Mind of Google": Best thing that ever happened to Paul Bond Boots

Ron Insana, How to Make a Fortune From the Biggest Bailout in U.S. History: Schadenfreude victim rallies late

Zachary Karabell, Superfusion: Good case studies, more observation than argument

David Faber, And Then the Roof Caved In: Fine writing, too much Greenspan, lacks protagonist

Carl Quintanilla, "The Oprah Effect": Good biz bios, but missing one thing: Oprah

Movie review:
‘Wall Street’

Gordon Gekko:
The Michael Corleone
of Wall Street

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World leader pop quiz
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